Mia Wasikowska

Fox Searchlight Makes a Date with Stoker

Finally a release date has been set for Park Chan-wook’s English language debut, Stoker! Fox Searchlight has confirmed that the flick will be released on March 1st, 2013, barring any Apocalypses as foretold by the Mayans this December that is.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Jena Malone is Close to Nailing the Role of Johanna Mason

A few days ago Jena Malone was in talks to play snide tribute Johanna Mason in The Hunger Games sequel Catching Fire, a key role that will be reprised in the trilogy’s third installment, Mockingjay. Malone now has a firm offer and is in early negotiations for the part .

Jena Malone Now in the Mix for Key The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Role

Just a few days ago the word on the street was that two actresses were on the short list to play "Johanna Mason" in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, but now one of them is out and another has taken her place.

Two Actresses in the Mix for Key The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Role

The battle for roles in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has begun to heat up as all eyes are on one of two girls to land the key role of "Johanna Mason." Read on for the latest on who the choices are. Dig it!

Anton Yelchin Out to Prove That There are Only Lovers Left Alive

Some quick casting news is coming in for the next flick from visionary director Jim Jarmusch, Only Lovers Left Alive. Everyone's favorite new dude with a Caucasian Afro (a coveted title once held by Bob Ross and Richard Simmons) is back and reporting for active horror flick duty.

Two More Names Being Floated for Possible Roles in Oldboy Remake

We've had some pretty mixed emotions about the upcoming Spike Lee-helmed remake of the Korean revenge classic Oldboy, but with the recent news of two more names that are circling roles in the production, we have to admit our interest level is rising. Read on for the details!

Phyllis Somerville on Hand for Stoker

Okay, who's up for some more casting news for Chan-wook Park's upcoming thriller Stoker? Anyone? Well you're gonna get it anyway! Force fed if necessary!

Dermot Mulroney Signs on to Stoker

More casting news coming in for Chan-wook Park's upcoming thriller Stoker. Read on for the latest on this highly anticipated little flick from Fox Searchlight.

More Possible Stoker Casting News

So who's next to be in talks to star in Chan-wook Park's upcoming thriller Stoker? Another rising star could very well be signing on for active duty. Read on for details.

A Member of the X-Men: First Class Signs on to Stoker

Lucas Till, most recently seen as "Havok" in the hugely popular X-Men: First Class, has joined the cast for Chan-wook Park's upcoming thriller Stoker. Although only 20, Till already has an impressive heap of credits, and working with Park is another feather in his cap.

Jacki Weaver Signs for Chan-wook Park's Stoker

And the cast for Chan-wook Park's upcoming thriller Stoker continues to fill out nicely with the addition of an Oscar nominated actress. Such folk can never hurt a project!

Will Matthew Goode Be Joining Chan-wook Park's Stoker?

We don't know about you guys, but we're getting a little tired of doing stories about people "in talks" for roles. Just let us know when they sign on the dotted line, how about it? Case in point - today's story about British actor Matthew Goode circling a part in Chan-wook Park's first English language film, Stoker.

Jim Jarmusch to Helm New Vampire Project

If anyone can break the currently stale and sparkling mold of vampire flicks, it's independent and uncompromising American filmmaker Jim Jarmusch so we couldn't be more excited about the news that Jarmusch is set to helm a toothy tale starring Tilda Swinton, Michael Fassbender, and Mia Wasikowska as his vampires and John Hurt in a featured role.

Will Oscar's Glow Shine on Spencer Susser's I Love Sarah Jane?

Last year right before Halloween we shared with our readers a pretty cool Aussie short film entitled "I Love Sarah Jane". What does that have to do with the Oscars?

Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman Sharpening Stakes for Stoker

And even more news continuing on late into Friday evening. It sounds as if two of Hollywood's top stars are looking to engage in some bitey activity in the new film from the director of Oldboy.