Mezco Toyz

First Look! H2 Living Dead Doll

From the insanely popular "babies turned supernatural creatures of the night" doll line we've come to know as Living Dead Dolls from Mezco Toys comes their first release for Rob Zombie's H2. Dig on little Mikey! Awwww ... he's so ... umm ... well this one is a little disturbing. Stay tuned for more details on how you can make this crumbly looking fella your own!

Take a Ride With Mezco's Hell Rods!

Do you remember the great Frankenstein Flivver? No? Well look it up and get some culture, man! Hot-rods and monsters go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly (minus the botulism of course), and Mezco Toyz is looking to bring these speed demons to a whole new audience.

NYCC: Mezco Unleashes New Jason & Leatherface Figures

With the new Friday the 13th film just around the corner, what could be a better time to unveil a new Jason figure than the NYCC, which was held just a week prior to the film's opening? To further sweeten the pot, we'll throw in a look at the new Leatherface figure, too. Whatcha waiting for? Look in here!

New Toys From UK Toy Fair

Other than the news we gave you the other day about NECA nabbing the toy license for Dead Space and Devil May Cry, there’s not been a helluva lot of news out of this year’s UK Toy Fair, but there are a lot of images of what’s coming to us in the next year.

Mezco Reveals New Jason Figure

With every cool movie to come out, you can expect that an action figure isn't far behind. Such is the case with Mezco Toys' new seven-inch figure from the upcoming Friday the 13th remake.

**UPDATED!** Mezco's Wolfman Figures Up for Pre-Order!

**UPDATE: Thanks to reader "plastichorror" for pointing out a pic of the toy on Mezco Direct!**

Cool New Horror Collectibles You Need!

Halloween is just around the corner, and chances are you’re going to wake up one morning in the not too distant future and say to yourself, “I need more cool horror collectibles or all my friends will think I’m lame!” Have no fear; the last thing anyone here at Dread Central wants is lame readers, so here are some ideas to make yourself just a bit cooler…

NYCC Toy Gallery Live!

All right, it took longer than any of us would’ve liked, thanks in no small part to various sicknesses, Tribeca and other conspiring factors, but I’m proud to announce that our massive toy gallery from New York Comic Con is now online!

Jason Takes NY ... Comic-Con!

New York Comic-Con hits this weekend with the crews from Hellboy 2, The Spirit, Igor and more set to make many a geekling cry tears of joy. Now Dread brings you a look a one of Mezco's first exclusives for 2008 ... Stylized Jason from their Cinema of Fear line!

Mezco's Cinema of Fear Series 3!

Mezco Toyz revealed to us today the upcoming figures for their Cinema of Fear line of toys and plushes! Here's what to expect in stores this October: