Menhaj Huda

Comedown (2014)

Starring Jacob Anderson, Sophie Stuckey, Calum MacNab, Adam Deacon, Jessican Barden, Geoff Bell Directed By Menhaj Huda

UK Slasher Comedown Comes Across to the U.S.

Menhaj Huda's psycho-laden flick Comedown will soon be available on US VOD shores thanks to The Orchard and Shock Till You Drop. Look for it on August 5th online as well as iTunes, Amazon, etc.

Comedown on this First Trailer

How about some more video goodness? Next on tap is the first trailer for the latest slasher film out of the UK, Comedown. You can dig on it right here without having to go and swim across the pond!

Director Menhaj Huda is a Soul Survivor

Imagine being the soul survivor of a truly horrid massacre. It has to have some kind of effect on the way the rest of your life plays out, and hopefully in this just announced indie flick that effect will be of the ultra-spooky variety.

More Sales Art and a Still Comedown on the Interwebs

We have some new sales art and a still for Menhaj Huda's psycho-laden flick Comedown, which has been kicking around since 2009 and tells of the dangers of taking to the airwaves illegally. Listen up and check it out, kids!

New Art and Synopsis: Comedown

A new piece of promo art and a new "shorter" synopsis have slipped online for Menhaj Huda's psycho-laden flick, Comedown, which tells of the dangers of taking to the airwaves illegally.

Good News for Comedown

A short while back we told you about a promising slasher flick coming out of the U.K., Comedown. Today we have some good news for the fledgling production, which is taking shape nicely.

A Comedown on Trespassers

I guess I go against the grain when I say that I prefer to like most of the characters in a slasher flick. I’ve never been of the mind that you should root for the killer (the kills can still be fun/surprising without watching a collection of degenerates), and I’ll be curious to see how the recently announced Comedown goes about itself. After all, a story about a psychopath targeting trespassers could certainly go either way...