Men in Suits

Men in Suits (2013)

Starring Doug Jones, Tom Woodruff Jr., Haruo Nakajima, Bob Burns, Brian Steele, Douglas Tait Directed by Frank H. Woodward

New Documentary Men In Suits Brings Alive Monster Magic

When it comes to monster movies, for our money there's no amount of CGI wizardry that can stack up to the classic usage of a man dressed up in a truly badass monster suit. With this in mind we are DELIGHTED to bring you your first look at the celebration of this artform, Men In Suits!

A Practical Look at the Knights of Badassdom

While we all sit, hope, and pray that cooler and more sane heads prevail in terms of giving control of Knights of Badassdom back to the film's director, Joe Lynch, why not take a second to check out one of the flick's signature creatures, the Abominog!