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Mark Steensland Talks The Weeping Woman and Tengu

Filmmaker Mark Steensland has been in our newsfeed quite a bit recently. Between the world premiere of his short film The Weeping Woman this weekend at Motor City Nightmares and the news that he had just acquired the rights to the novel Tengu, we thought it was time to talk to the man himself and find out more about his projects.

The Weeping Woman Teaser Trailer Hits the Web

Like most horror fans, we can be pretty cynical when it comes to our genre. We have to wade through a lot of swill to find the gems. But what I've seen come out about The Weeping Woman is leaving me with a lot of hope about newcomer Mark Steensland and his short, which stars Stephen "Evil Ed" Geoffreys (Fright Night) and DC alum Melisa Bostaph.

The Weeping Woman Short and Soundtrack Set for World Premiere

On April 16th, 2011, Motor City Nightmares Film Festival will be the scene for the world premiere of the latest short film by award-winning director Mark Steensland, based on a short story by Paul Kane (The Hellraiser Films and Their Legacy and Hellbound Hearts).

Weeping Woman, The (Short, 2011)

Starring Melissa Bostaph, Stephen Geoffreys Directed by Mark Steensland Written by Paul Kane

Legendary Composer Fabio Frizzi to Score Mark Steensland's The Weeping Woman

It's been a long time since we heard any horror themed music from composer Fabio Frizzi, but that's about to change thanks to his participation in Mark Steensland's new short The Weeping Woman. From the Press Release:

Mark Steensland and Stephen Geoffreys to be Haunted by The Weeping Woman

One filmmaker we've had our eye on for a while is Mark Steensland. The man's made some truly tremendous short films including the critically acclaimed The Ugly File, and now he's back with a new short-form fright fest along with Evil Ed himself! From the Press Releaae