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Come Face-to-Face with a Reaper in this Exclusive New Still from A Grim Becoming

We haven't heard much about Adam R. Steigert's horror comedy A Grim Becoming since its trailer was released in November of last year, but a new still has arrived along with an update.

Fear the Reaper in this New Trailer for A Grim Becoming

Ever wonder where reapers come from? A Grim Becoming explores that concept, and a new trailer has arrived for the horror comedy from Adam R. Steigert that's set for release in June of next year.

Theatrical Poster Arrives for Horror Comedy A Grim Becoming

We still have several months to wait until the June 2014 release of DefTone Pictures Studios' A Grim Becoming, but in the meantime the film's official theatrical poster has arrived. Check it out, and look for a new trailer soon!

Another Exclusive Early Look at Horror Comedy A Grim Becoming

With filming currently under way on DefTone Pictures Studios' A Grim Becoming, we got our hands on a couple of exclusive stills that feature co-stars Michael Sciabarrasi and Jessica Cameron as well as a very scary looking Brandon Williams transformed into a... Well, just take a look; you'll see.

A Pair of New Stills from Horror Comedy A Grim Becoming

DefTone Pictures Studios' A Grim Becoming started principal photography on June 1st, and they sent over a pair of new stills from the production for us to share. Check 'em out here, and look for more soon.

Teaser Trailer Arrives for A Grim Becoming

As promised when we did our last story on the film, a teaser trailer has now arrived for Adam R. Steigert's horror comedy A Grim Becoming, and of course you can check it out right here.

Exclusive First Still from Adam Steigert's A Grim Becoming

In mid-May the teaser trailer for Adam R. Steigert's horror comedy A Grim Becoming will be dropping, and to help whet your appetites, the film's co-writer/director sent over the first still exclusively for our readers.

Brandon Williams Lands the Lead Role in Adam Steigert's A Grim Becoming

A Grim Becoming, a new film from Adam R. Steigert that we've been keeping our eyes on, has found its leading man, and we have all the info for you right here.

Casting News and First Still from Adam Steigert's A Grim Becoming

A boatload of casting news and an early still have arrived for DefTone Pictures Studios' upcoming horror-comedy A Grim Becoming. Check out the details, which include some names that will be very familiar to horror fans.

First Word and Teaser Art for Horror Comedy Dry Bones

Author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson dropped us a line to let us know that in the spring of 2013 he will be producing a new horror comedy, Dry Bones, from a screenplay he wrote for director Michael O’Hear. The film will co-star O’Hear and Melantha Blackthorne.

Update and New Trailer for Echo Lake

When we first heard about Echo Lake last December, it was slated to be a web series, but things have changed as co-writer (with Kelsey Zukowski) and director Jonathan Moody now tells us it's turned into a feature. They're in the midst of fundraising to finish shooting this winter, and to help move things along in that regard, they've released a new trailer.

Fantasia 2011: Look for Horror in the Trailer for Aversion

The trailer for yet another film playing at this year's Fantasia International Film Festival entitled Aversion has made its way online, and we have every second of it right here waiting for you!