Behold! The First Two "Universal Megos"

The US Toy Fair is an insane rush of interviews and images of THOUSANDS of the newest toys hitting our happy shores, most of which we can shoot pictures of so you, at home, can drool to your heart's content and plant printed pictures around the house like a young Ralphie hinting at his lust for a Red Rider BB gun. But some, no matter how much we beg, we cannot photograph, most often due to approvals needed by a licensor.

Toy Fair 2010: Diamond Select's Universal Monsters

Nomad has finished sifting through his hundreds of pictures from this year's Toy Fair and just updated his blog with the details about Diamond Select's two new lines of Universal Monsters: Universal Select and Universal Minimates, both of which are starting with figures from Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Dexter MEGOs coming?!

The little dolls that we were actually allowed to play with in our youth without getting hit by our dads have been returning to toy store shelves. RIGHT NOW you can walk into most comic shops and buy retro, MEGO styled figures from Night of the Living Dead, Planet of the Apes, and Star Trek. We knew DC comics were soon to follow (via Mattel), but we didn't know EMCE was joining forces with Bif Bang Pow to get in on their awesome properties.

Fearwerx New Graveyard Zombie B&W Variant

Loving your eight-inch MEGO-style Night of the Living Dead figures as much as we do? Well, wait until you see the new Black and White variant!

A Look at the NOTLD Mego Packaging

Ever since these collectibles were announced, I've been salivating over them like a rabid dog! Well, the time has come to get them into your hungry claws so get set to take a look at the nifty packaging!

NOTLD Megos Now in Stock!

Just a quick heads up to you all; the Night of the Living Dead Megos are now officially in stock! If you’ve been waiting to get one of these badass, one of a kind, limited collectibles … well now’s the time to stop waiting!

Mego Panel Planned for NYCC

Word came down today that Joe Sena, lord and master of our online storefront of terror, Evilshop, will be participating in a panel at the upcoming New York Comic Con as part of EMCE Toys to discuss their revitalized line of Mego figures, including their badass Night of the Living Dead creations!

Night of the Living Dead Megos Now Shipping!

You guys might recall that back in March we showed off one of the coolest products from the guys who run Evilshop, the Mego Night o

Evilshop Exclusive: Night of the Living Dead Figures!

Those of you out there who are serious collectors likely know the name Mego. Back in the 1970’s, Mego were the first company to release 8” poseable action figures for characters from “Star Trek” and “Batman”.