Mega Spider

SXSW 2013: New Big Ass Spider Clip Arrives to Give You a Facial

Playing as part of SXSW's Midnighters series is Mike Mendez's Big Ass Spider! and we have a new clip on tap that will melt your friggin' face off! Dig it!

SXSW 2013: Explosive One-Sheet for Big Ass Spider! Arrives

Run for your lives! The first teaser poster for Mike Mendez's Big Ass Spider!, which is playing as part of SXSW's Midnighters series, has arrived! Look for more on this enormously fun looking arachnid soon!

The Trailer Premiere for Big Ass Spider! Spins its Web

Playing as part of SXSW's Midnighters series is Mike Medez's new flick Big Ass Spider! (formerly Mega-Spider), and to celebrate the film's premiere, we have the first trailer for you right here! Dig it!

New Mega Spider Image Echoes King Kong

There's just something so very iconic about imagery involving a giant beast atop a building with jets and helicopters waging war against it. That's just what we have here in this latest image from Mike Mendez's (The Convent, The Gravedancers) Mega Spider. Dig it!

First Look at Mike Mendez's Mega Spider in Action!

There are few movies we are looking forward to more around these parts than the latest creature feature from madman Mike Mendez (The Gravedancers) entitled Mega Spider. Need some reasons why? Check out these new stills and also a snippet video from Syfy's "Monster Man".

AFM 2011: Mega Badass Sales Art for Mega Spider

One flick we're dying to see around these parts is the latest creature feature from madman Mike Mendez (The Gravedancers) entitled Mega Spider, and after seeing this new one-sheet, we're pretty sure you're gonna feel the same way!

Mega Spider Update; First Look at Greg Grunberg and Lombardo Boyar in Character!

As reported previously, production has begun on the sci-fi actioner Mega Spider. The film, described as a “Tremors-style creature feature about a towering mutant arachnid on an 8-legged rampage across Los Angeles,” is being directed by Mike Mendez (The Gravedancers) and was written by Gregory Gieras (Dark Island). Shooting began September 6th, and if you're interested in being an extra, read on because we have all the details, but act fast - the deadline is September 15th.

A Hottie and a Hero Taking on Mike Mendez's Mega Spider - Alexis Peters and Greg Grunberg Join Cast

Filming is under way today in the sunny (and smoggy) Los Angeles area on Mike Mendez's new giant killer arachnid flick Mega Spider, and as a result some quick and good casting news has rolled on in!

Mike Mendez to Spin a Web for Mega Spider

Madman Mike Mendez (Real Killers, The Convent, The Gravedancers) is back behind the camera for what promises to be another cinematic romp of insanity like only he can craft. Warning ... this one will not be for the arachnophobic!

Along Came a Mega Spider

A movie titled Mega Spider is in pre-production and, shockingly, The Asylum has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it. Whether or not it this mega-sized spider is bound for Syfy remains to be seen. What we do know is that Epic Pictures Group are about to let an epic-sized alien arachnid snare Motown in its web.