Exclusive: Ila Schactler Talks Meadowoods

With its DVD release now upon us, we sat down with the star of the way claustrophobic terror tale known as Meadowoods (review here), Ila Schactler, to get all the dirt on ... well, being buried in a coffin under all that dirt!

DVD Releases: 5/4/2010: Put the Meadowoods Slasher in Cold Storage and Never Sleep Again

Only one genre related Blu-ray hits stores this week -- Escape from L.A. -- but a decent crop of DVDs accompanies it, including the documentary to end all documentaries, Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy.

Meadowoods (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Michael Downey, Michelle Roe, Connor Thorp, Ila Schactler Directed by Scott Phillips Distributed by Monterey Media

Exclusive New Clip: Meadowoods / First DVD News

Recently we had a chance to preview the new horror flick Meadowoods (expect a review soon), and we're pretty excited about it. The movie is friggin' intense. As we do with all things that we dig, we've gotten our hands on some more exclusive stuff for you! These goodies are coming your way in the fashion of a clip, the official synopsis, and the first DVD news!

Exclusive Trailer and News: Digging up the Dirt on Meadowoods

Remember last week when we posted that video of the hysterical girl being buried alive? We didn't know what it was then, but since we picked up on it, we've been sent a bit more information. Exclusive information on something that for right now is only to be known as Meadowoods.

Unnerving Buried Alive Video Hits the Net

Working on a news website requires lots of looking around for interesting stuff to clue you guys in on. Sometimes we're directed to things, and sometimes we run across them on our own. This one is a little bit of both.