May I Kill U

New Trailer Asks May I Kill U?

Killer cops are nothing new in the horror genre, but this next one is going viral. Check out the trailer for the UK horror comedy May I Kill You?, which dispatches street justice later this month!

AFM 2011: A Quick Look at May I Kill U

Brace yourself, kids! AFM is officially under way in L.A., and you're about to be blitzed with all the news you can handle. I mean why should anyone be able to recuperate after the onslaught of October's shenanigans?

A More Polite Maniac Cop Asks - May I Kill U?

Another difference between us and our friends from across the pond? Here in the States our lunatics kill you on sight. In the UK? Apparently they ask first! Now that's what we call civilized! Read on for the first details on the latest sicko run amok flick, May I Kill U?!