Max Landis

Director Shawn Levy Talks Frankenstein

With Hollywood readying several new twists on the legendary tale of Frankenstein, director Shawn Levy recently sat down with website Complex to discuss the script and the direction his take will be going in. Read on!

Shawn Levy Officially on Fox's Frankenstein Feature

It's official, kids! Fox has secured a director for its upcoming Frankenstein project, and we've got the skinny for you to chew on right here. Dig it!

Fox's Frankenstein Foray Hitting the Fast Track First

With several new Frankenstein projects on the burner, we've been wondering which studio would be first out of the gate with theirs. News has just broken that Fox may find itself in the lead.

Max Landis to Pen Frankenstein Reinvention

What's with all the Frankenstein lately? The classic creature is bound to resurface in no less than three projects in various planning stages, and today's news tells us that Fox is looking to add another. Read on for the details.

Dawn of the Dead's Michael Kelly Boards Chronicle

More casting news coming in, this time for next year's supernatural thriller Chronicle from 20th Century Fox. Read on for all the latest. What else do you have to do? It's friggin' Wednesday, for god's sake!

Fox Gearing to Open Their Supernatural Chronicle

You know, it's not such a great idea to mess around with mysterious substances. We always marvel when we see people inspecting some kind of goo or what have you by sticking their fingers in it and sniffing them. I mean, really? What the hell is wrong with you folks?

Fox Picks Up Max Landis' Chronicle

Being out here in California has afforded us the opportunity to meet and hang with some really cool people, one of which is Max Landis, the son of horror master John Landis, who penned the "Masters of Horror" episode "Deer Woman" along with the "Fear Itself"