Max Brooks

World War Z Launches an Official Website and Reveals its Title Treatment

With the release of the first trailer for World War Z coming Thursday, November 8th (check out a sneak peek here), the powers-that-be have finally gotten their act together and launched the film's official website along with revealing its logo/title treatment.

A Sneak Peek of the World War Z Trailer

Never mind the rewrites, reshoots, and behind-the-scenes drama. All we care about is that World War Z delivers the zombie goods when it finally arrives next June. Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming trailer, and check back every day between now and Thursday (when the full trailer debuts on ET) for more.

Legendary Comics To Take A Shadow Walk

Legendary Comics has partnered with Mark Waid (Kingdom Come), Shane Davis (Superman: Earth One) and Max Brooks (World War Z) for a 2013 graphic novel that promises to be one of the biggest events in the industry.

Drew Goddard Rewrites World War Z Ending

There are many heroes in the universe of World War Z. However, none of them will prove to be more valuable than the guy who can step in and save this troubled production. Enter The Cabin in the Wood's Drew Goddard.

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: Day 4 (July 15) Schedule Now Live; Heinlein Blood Drive Info

Comic-Con Sundays are typically light on horror, and this year is no exception although once again our favorite panel, "Supernatural", is heading to Hall H. Here are the genre highlights as well as info on the 36th annual Robert A. Heinlein Blood Drive.

Lost Director Ready for Some Devolution

Secrets. The television phenomenon known as "Lost" was full of them. Whether they were good, bad, or just plain silly, each one was guarded with the utmost care. Kind of makes sense that one of the show's regular directors is hush-hush about his new project!

World War Z - What Went Wrong?

The road to get the big screen adaptation of the Max Brooks novel World War Z into theatres has been as bumpy as we have ever seen. Prop seizures. Reshoots. Rewrites. You name it, this production has suffered through it. Insiders close to the flick have already started dishing dirt.

Damon Lindelof Rewriting World War Z

Man, World War Z is having one hell of a time making it to the big screen. Everything you can imagine happening to hamper production has, from the recently announced seven weeks of reshoots to the film's firearms being seized by the government. Now another writer is batting clean up.

Seven Weeks of Reshoots Under Way on World War Z

After hearing in March that the release date for World War Z was being moved from December of this year to June 21, 2013, we wondered if maybe things weren't going so well for the film, and now we have our answer: Star Brad Pitt has joined some of his fellow actors in Budapest for seven weeks of additional shooting.

Max Brooks Heads to Sons of Guns to Build the Ultimate Zombie Killing Weapon

Horror flicks have spread everywhere like a horde of the living dead, and you just never know where the beast of a genre that we love will show up next. Speaking of which ...

World War Z to Transpire in 2013

Looks like the dead will not start waging war until 2013 (that is if the Mayans don't get us first this December). Time to adjust them calendars, kids. Get your pencils ready.

The Horror Highlights of WonderCon 2012

It's almost time for WonderCon 2012 to start packing fans into the Anaheim Convention Center, and we have the horror highlights of the three-day event that runs from March 16th-18th right here.

Mireille Enos Boasts Big for World War Z Adaptation

And the World War Z hype wheel keeps right on spinning. This time co-star Mireille Enos ("The Killing", "Big Love"), who plays the wife of Brad Pitt's character in the upcoming adaptation, sat down with E! Online and dropped some pretty interesting remarks about the film and the possibility of it being a trilogy.

World War Z to Be a Trilogy?

Bringing World War Z to the big screen has been a story unto itself. Everything from budget concerns to actual S.W.A.T. teams seizing firearms has haunted the production thus far, but it's still plugging away and may be doing so for two additional films. Read on for the details.

S.W.A.T. Team Raids World War Z Warehouse

Does the word "oops" actually cut it here? Sometimes news stories come our way that just leave us shaking our collective heads. This is one of those times. Read on for the following sliver of extreme stupidity.