Max Brooks

Marc Forster Clarifies Details Regarding World War Z Reshoots

The woes surrounding World War Z have been well documented since the movie went into production. That being said, a release is finally in sight, and director Marc Forster recently decided to clarify things regarding the reshoots.

New World War Z TV Spot Evacuates

Another TV spot for World War Z has arrived, and it's all very familiar. Still, there's nothing like a quick undead fix to chew on to get you through the day. Check it out and look for more on this one soon!

Brad Pitt Surveys the Damage on New World War Z Poster

For the French one-sheet of World War Z, the Jenga Zombie approach has been ditched in favor of a more apocalyptic look at the flick's chaos. Check it out here, and look for lots more on this one as it approaches.

Several New World War Z Stills Leap Out at You

Here comes another sneak peek at Paramount's upcoming summertime zombie offering World War Z! This one comes courtesy of this week's Entertainment Weekly, which brought us a couple of never-before-seen slivers of undead goodness.

Second World War Z Trailer Officially Arrives

Life is full of little surprises. Humanity can and will fall, zombies will inherit the Earth, and Apple is providing embed codes for its trailer debuts. Now if only we could get the rest of the world on board with such technological trickery!

New World War Z One-Sheets Reach for the Sky

Hooray! We finally have artwork for Paramount's World War Z that consists of more than just text on a black background. In fact, this is pretty nifty. Check it out and if you missed it, look for the return of the new trailer soon.

New World War Z Trailer Flies High

A second trailer for the highly anticipated and long talked about adaptation of Max Brook's World War Z has arrived, and it's home to a nifty new airplane sequence that you should dig on! Get ready to fly the frightening skies!

The Super Bowl XLVII World War Z Spot has Arrived!

Words alone cannot describe how happy we are when studios get things out of the way early. We wanna enjoy the Super Bowl, too, after all. Speaking of which, here is the the big game spot for World War Z!

World War Z Collectibles Officially on Their Way

Our resident purveyor of all things plastic, Nomad, has just gotten word that new collectibles based upon the upcoming flick World War Z are officially on their way. Read on for the initial details.

Badass Fan-Made World War Z Posters Score a Headshot

The first bit of artwork for World War Z was released sort of as a placeholder for something cooler. That being said, you're about to see cooler. Much cooler in fact. Check out these fan-made one-sheets!

New Image From World War Z Offers a Bit More of the Same

Courtesy of USA Today a new image from World War Z has hit the internet of people (including star Brad Pitt) looking very worried. Read on for yet another status quo bit of eye candy and look for more, hopefully exciting stuff, soon!

More Stills From the Set of World War Z

Apparently World War Z is still filming, and Just Jared has landed some new paparazzi images from the set of a bloodied Brad Pitt and more. Check them out right here, and look for more on this one as it comes.

Watch a New Version of the World War Z Trailer Voiced by Pee-wee Herman

A twist on the trailer for Paramount's long awaited adaptation of the Max Brooks zombie phenomenon World War Z is here that truly changes everything! We also have a slightly clearer look at the first still from the film we showed you a few days ago. Dig it!

The First Official World War Z Trailer Is Finally Here!

After a few days of teases, the first official trailer for Paramount's zombie extravaganza World War Z has arrived, but strangely, we still don't have an official synopsis. Expect one soon, and look for the film in theatres on June 21, 2013.

New World War Z Still; More on the Film's Running Zombies and a Possible Trilogy

The full trailer for World War Z is expected to drop in a few hours, and in the meantime we have a new still featuring Brad Pitt along with a few comments from visual effects supervisor John Nelson about the type of zombies we'll see in the film.