Mauro Borrelli

AFM 2011: The Ghostmaker Trailer Showcases Lots of Evil

Finally something other than badass stills and artwork has arrived for The Ghostmaker (formerly Box of Shadows), and just like everything that's come before it, we're pretty pleased! Dig it!

AFM 2011: The Ghostmaker: New Behind-The-Scenes Stills

A few days after debuting the new teaser art for The Ghostmaker (formerly Box of Shadows), the powers-that-be sent us over a bunch of behind-the-scene imagery for you guys to check out. Dig it!

AFM 2011: New Sales Art for The Ghostmaker

After getting a quick title change just in time for this year's AFM, some new artwork for The Ghostmaker (formerly Box of Shadows) has arrived and we have every pixel of it right here for you!

Box of Shadows Composer Named

Every good horror movie needs a good score to accompany it to help bring on the shivers, and today some good news just broke tune-wise for Mauro Borrelli's upcoming spooker Box of Shadows.

Box of Shadows Behind-the-Scenes Webisodes Now Online

Some pretty neat webisodes have popped up online for Mauro Borrelli's Box of Shadows, and we figured we'd point you to them so you can drink up some spooky to get you through this Monday afternoon!

New and Improved Box of Shadows Website and Trailer

Things are moving at lightning's pace for Mauro Borrelli's Box of Shadows. It seems like every week something new about the film is getting released. Next up - a brand new website and trailer!

New One-Sheet: Box of Shadows / Charles Bornstein to Edit

More news from the Box of Shadows camp! Now that the film is in the can, editor Charles Bornstein, whose work you may be familiar with from little movies like John Carpenter's Halloween and The Fog as well as entries into the Friday the 13th, Psycho, Critters, and Return of the Living Dead franchises, has come on board to help craft the film as it makes its way to fans.

Look Deeper into the Box of Shadows With a Few Exclusive Images

Some more goods ended up in our inbox today concerning Mauro Borrelli's supernatural spooker Box of Shadows, which began lensing last June.

Haunted Box of Shadows?

There's not a horror fan out there who's not intrigued by the prospect of real cases of things that go bump in the night. Sometimes said things can come in some really unexpected places. At least that seems to be the story from those associated with the brand new production of Box of Shadows, which is currently filming in LA.

Cast and Crew Emerge from the Box of Shadows

You gotta get excited about new and original horror in these imagination-troubled times, and Mauro Borelli’s upcoming horror flick Box of Shadows certainly seems ripe with potential.

Box of Shadows Begins Shooting in LA

College kids just never learn. They're always messing around where they shouldn't and wind up getting themselves and their friends killed. The students in the upcoming Box of Shadows seem destined for the same fate.