Matthew Peterman. Steven Schneider

A.J. Cook Signs on for Found Footage Werewolf Flick Wer

With all the crew components falling into place, it was only a matter of time before some casting news would begin leaking out for the latest cinéma vérité style werewolf flick, Wer. Read on for the latest.

Wer is Practically Almost Human

More good news is coming in for fans looking to Wer to deliver the werewolf-driven cinéma vérité style goodies. Rob Hall's Almost Human, Inc., has signed on to do the effects, which will be a blend of practical and digital.

More Wer Details Surface

Everywhere you go for news about Wer, they always say that the plot is being kept under wraps. Everywhere, that is, except for the horror new sites, who'll no doubt be ignored by the mainstream press.

FilmDistrict Looks to Wer to Deliver Chills and Box Office Dollars

Given the success of The Devil Inside (at least in its first week), we knew it wouldn't be long until the next project from the duo behind that flick would score some support.

The Devil Inside Duo Officially Tackling Wer

Remember that next found footage movie we told you about from the guys behind The Devil Inside, director William Brent Bell and writer Matthew Peterman? The one that takes place in a police station with the suspect turning into a werewolf? Well it finally has a name.

Even More Found Footage for The Devil Inside Duo

The duo behind the much maligned The Devil Inside seem to be a hot commodity around Hollywood lately. Just yesterday it was announced that both director William Brent Bell and writer Matthew Peterman were getting set to work on a new film called The Vatican, and now there's talk of another flick being added to their rapidly filling plate.