Matthew Fox

Things Get Hairy for Matthew Fox in Welcome to Harmony

Our friends over at Aullidos scored the first images of a nearly unrecognizable Matthew Fox in the new chiller Welcome to Harmony, and we have 'em for you right here. Dig it!

Early Artwork Offers You a Welcome to Harmony

Straight out of EFM we now have two early bits of artwork for Miguel Ángel Vivas' (Kidnapped) apocalyptic tale Welcome to Harmony. Read on to check 'em out and get the latest details.

Two New Faces Accept Their Welcome to Harmony

An update on another flick we haven't talked about in a really long time, Miguel Ángel Vivas' (Kidnapped) apocalyptic tale Welcome to Harmony, has come in! Read on for the first bits of casting news.

World War Z Fills Up Its Ranks

Dropping $125 million on a zombie film may seem like a risky business proposition - especially when horror films rarely cross over the $100 million mark. But Paramount seems determined to load its adaptation of Max Brooks' World War Z with so much talent that people will be afraid to miss it. Read on to find out the latest to join the battle.