Matt Tolmach

Casting Firming Up for Teen/Vampire/Zombie/Alien Mash-Up The Kitchen Sink

The aptly titled The Kitchen Sink features a group of teens who form an unlikely alliance with vampires and zombies to take on an alien army. Casting for the film has firmed up with several actors confirmed and one more still in negotiations. Read on to learn who'll be mashing it up!

Vanessa Hudgens Thrown into The Kitchen Sink

The first casting news is here for Sony's upcoming horror flick The Kitchen Sink as Vanessa Hudgens is in talks for active duty in the film. Read on for your first details right here.

Jonah Hill Finds Horror in The Kitchen Sink

When you think Jonah Hill, the words horror director don't exactly spring to mind. Yet that may be about to change as a new project has been announced today that includes everything including The Kitchen Sink.

Sony Pictures Working on a New Take on Frankenstein

Growing up as a horror fan, there were few characters I was able to relate to more than Frankenstein's monster. There are tons of fans out there who feel the same exact way so for better or worse, the character has become one of the most beloved icons in film history. Being fully aware of this, Sony Pictures is going to the well again to bring forth a new telling of this classic story.