Matt Busch

Hollywood Is Dead Coffee Table Book Coming Your Way Soon

Renowned artist Matt Busch has not only created artwork for bands like Black Sabbath, Motely Crue and Alice Cooper, but he also has a project called Hollywood Is Dead wherein he recreates classic movie posters zombie style.

This Valentine's Day Matt Busch Gives The Dead Their Due

"Chew your meat for you. Pass it back and forth. In a passionate kiss. From my mouth to yours. 'Cause I like you." Hey, man. In this day and age even the living dead could use a little love, and artist Matt Busch is back with a whole new slew of grue guaranteed to touch you until you weep. from the Press Release:

Star Wars ... With Zombies!

"Star Wars" and "Zombies". Those are three words that just immediately bring a smile to our faces when put together. Ever wonder what the famed series would have looked like with a little undead goodness seeping in through the flying ships and horrendous dialogue? (I'm looking at you, Episodes I-III!)