Mat Kister

Charlie Cody's One-Sheet for Isabelle Arrives

Mat Kister and Dead Lantern Pictures' Isabelle is heading our way soon, and to kick off the work week, we have a look at the newly released one-sheet for the film, which was designed by comic book artist Charlie Cody with additional graphic design by T. J. Roe.

First Word and Stills from Dead Lantern Pictures' Isabelle

This Independence Day wouldn't be complete without some news about our current day indie pioneers, and on tap we have the first word and several screenshots from Dead Lantern Pictures' Isabelle (working title as of now).

Psst ... We've Got Whisper Right Here, Right Now.

Indie filmmaker Bryan Wolford has generously posted his haunted dorm closet (that's right ... but it works for him) film, Whisper, and we've got it all right here for your viewing pleasure.

Tentacles Wrap Around Outpost Doom

Horror and Indie filmmaking go hand in hand for some reason. Maybe it is better off to say that low-budget filmmaking and our beloved genre get along? This year alone I've seen about 25 unknown features ... and only a couple have been worth my time. The Grand Horror was one of those very few bright stars.