Marvel Zombies

Gentle Giant Reveals Its 18" Daryl Dixon Statue and Venom Zombie Mini Bust

We have to wait until the fourth quarter of 2014 before they get here, but Gentle Giant has two awesome new figures heading our way that zombie fans won't want to miss: an 18" Daryl Dixon Statue and a Venom Zombie Mini Bust.

Diamond Select Announces Marvel Zombies Villains Minimates and a Pet Zombie Bottle Opener

It's that time of the month again, when Diamond Select Toys announces its upcoming products, and if you're a zombie fan, you'll want to keep reading for the latest.

Go Trick or Treating with the Marvel Zombies Halloween

Looking for a fun way to spend the last few days before Halloween? Why not make a date with the Marvel Zombies Halloween one-shot comic, which answers the question: What happens when you're a kid who's grown up in a post-apocalyptic wasteland and October 31st rolls around?

The Walking Dead - Q&A with Neil Brown, Jr. (Guillermo)

Another new Q&A with a cast member of "The Walking Dead" TV series has popped up on AMC.com, this time with Neil Brown, Jr., who describes how his part went from being an extra to a major character (Guillermo) in one episode and then shares -- appropriately enough -- his grandmother's post-apocalyptic survival skills.

A Sneak Peek of the Marvel Zombies Supreme

Since the "Glee Thriller Zombies" fell flat with our readers, we thought we'd try a different approach toward the undead with an early look at the upcoming Marvel Zombies Supreme, written for Marvel Comics by Frank Marrafino and due to ship in March, 2011.

It's Monsters vs. Undead Heroes in Marvel Zombies 4

The wacky Marvel Zombies hijinks continue as Marvel Zombies 4 (yes, we are up to 4 now!) picks up right where 3 left off. Apparently earth's mightiest rotting heroes are locked down under the watchful eye of an inter-dimensional defense agency known as A.R.M.O.R., but as the saying goes ... the best laid plans of mice and brain-starved, shambling super corpses often go awry.

Marvel Zombies Headed to Consoles?

File this one under rumors for now, but expect to be taking it out of that filing p soon. With E3 almost upon us, people usually do a poor job of keeping things secret and over the weekend a whole plethora of projects leaked out all over the place.

Marvel Says NO To Zombies

New York Comic Con is packed wall to wall with celebrities, entertainment companies, toy makers and comic geniuses. When you aren't being herded down the aisles, you can sit in a hall to hear the latest on your favorite projects from TV, comics, toys, movies, video games and beyond.

*UPDATED* Scream Awards 2006 Winners!

Last night Spike TV put on its much-hyped first annual Scream Awards, showcasing the best in horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. The show itself was so spectacular, one could almost forgive the network for cancelling Blade. Almost. THE MOST ANTICIPATED MOVIE: "PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN: AT WORLD'S END" THE ULTIMATE SCREAM: "BATMAN BEGINS" BEST HORROR MOVIE: