Marvel Comics

Marvel Announces New Five-Issue Dexter Comic Book Series

Fans of Showtime's "Dexter" are getting a new way to enjoy their favorite killer as Marvel Comics announces a new series in which creator Jeff Lindsay brings Dexter to comics for the first time in February 2013.

George A. Romero Working on a Zombie Comic for Marvel

So what does legendary director and master of horror George A. Romero have cooking lately? It sounds as if he's headed back into the world of comic books with one of the powerhouses of the industry at his side!

Josh Trank Wishes on a Red Star; Venom Can Wait!

The thought of Chronicle director Josh Trank doing a movie based upon the monstrous creature known as Venom has had us giddy. However ... it looks as if that project, should it even happen, will just have to wait!

Josh Trank to Put the Bite on With Venom?

If director Josh Trank proved anything with his film Chronicle, it was that he's very capable of making a superhero/supervillian the right way. Who better to direct a tale revolving around one of Marvel's most evil characters, Venom?

Strikeforce: Morituri Gearing Up to Save Us from an Alien Invasion

How many of you comics fans out there even remember Strikeforce: Morituri? Come on! If you missed it, believe us when we say you missed out! No worries, though; an adaptation is on the way that will no doubt trigger a resurgence in the series' popularity!

Three-Issue Fear Itself Hulk vs. Dracula Comic Launching in September

Marvel is launching a new three-issue Fear Itself Hulk vs. Dracula comic this September, and we've got a look at the cover art for the first two issues to help pique your interest in the series.

Horror Related Events and Panels at WonderCon 2011

It may not be as well known as San Diego Comic-Con, its Southern California counterpart, but the San Francisco WonderCon is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year as one of the country's best comics and popular arts events. On the fence about attending? Here's a rundown of what genre fans can look forward to at the show.

Look for Marvel's Tomb of Dracula Presents: Throne of Blood This April

Vampires may have lost a bit of their bite on the big screen, but they still reign supreme on the pages of comic books, as evidenced by this first look at Tomb of Dracula Presents: Throne of Blood presented by Marvel Comics.

Christmas Comes Early This Year with Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol

Without a doubt one of the favorite Christmas tales around the Dread Central offices is A Christmas Carol. What could possibly make it better? Why zombies of course! Look for Marvel Zombies Christmas Carol Issue #1 in stores this May 4th, 2011, with Issue #2 following close behind on May 18th. From the Press Release:

A Sneak Peek of the Marvel Zombies Supreme

Since the "Glee Thriller Zombies" fell flat with our readers, we thought we'd try a different approach toward the undead with an early look at the upcoming Marvel Zombies Supreme, written for Marvel Comics by Frank Marrafino and due to ship in March, 2011.

Marvel Announces Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Little Sisters of Eluria

Marvel Comics has announced the next series in the New York Times best-selling line of Stephen King's Dark Tower adaptations with Dark Tower: The Gunslinger - The Little Sisters of Eluria. Look for Issue #1 in December, 2010.

Your First Look At Franken-Castle #21

When you are looking for "batshit crazy" in the world of Marvel Comics and Tales of Howard the Duck just isn't going to cut it, we can now look at a man they used to call "The Punisher". His family resurrected by "The Hood" to torment him, Frank Castle is then forced to put them back in their graves. His spirit is broken.

Marvel Teases Smoke and Blood and Cryptic Endings

The Marvel Universe is in a very odd place right now. On one end of the spectrum they have entered the "Heroic Age", and on the other is the "Curse of the Mutants" we've been making fun of for some time now, mostly because Marvel keeps pitching art at us with all the X-Men baring fangs and looking generally silly. Now we get word of a secondary book dropping this September that tells the tale of the X-Men's science team as they search for a cure for the vampire outbreak. The tone seems very Aliens, a fact I thought might get the attention of Dread's readers. Here's the skinny...

Marvel Comics Vampire Outbreak

It's spreading. Dear Lord ... it's spreading. What we once thought was an odd storyline that actually had a basis in X-Men history (believe it or not, they fought Dracula!) has now begun to surface as a possible teasing of a company-wide PLAGUE!!

A Preview of Marvel's New Death of Dracula Comic

Everybody loves Dracula, but what about his sons, Xarus and Janus? Learn more about what these two vamps have in store for us in Marvel's new Death of Dracula comic series by checking out the first six pages of Issue #1.