Martin Weisz

Dreamt Coming From Hills Have Eyes II Director

We don't know about you guys, but we still have a bad taste in our mouths from The Hills Have Eyes II. A movie that bad tends to linger sometimes like the rancid stench of a fart that just won't go away. Still, everyone deserves a second chance, and that's exactly what the director of the crap-fest will be getting.

Screamfest LA and Dread Central Host Butterfly: A Grimm Love Story Screening

Screamfest, Rachel Belofsky’s venerated Los Angeles horror film festival (now in its tenth year, running October 9th thru the 17th at Highland and Hollywood in Hollywood, CA), has historically been on the cutting edge of horror, having in the past introduced to the American public such disturbing and blogged-about features as The Human Centipede, Martyrs and Inside, just to name a few.

Grimm Love (2010)

Reviewed by MattFini Starring Thomas Kretschmann, Thomas Huber, Keri Russell Directed by Martin Weisz Distributed by Lightning Entertainment

Promo Art for Clock Tower Surfaces!

I’m not sure how they came about it, but the folks over at Filmz.ru got their hands on eight promotional one-sheets for Clock Tower, the long-anticipated adaptation of what many consider to be the first survival horror video game.

Jovovich Set for Clock Tower

**UPDATE: This has since been denied by Jovovich's camp. Sorry folks!** Well, it’s official finally; Milla Jovovich has joined forces with Brittany Snow to take part in Martin Weisz’ upcoming Clock Tower movie, so now we’re fairly confident we can say this one’s not going to be worth the wait.

Snow Set for Clock Tower

After numerous delays, directorial changes, and times when it seemed like it’d be better to just not make the movie at all, Clock Tower is finally getting ready to go in front of cameras this November in Los Angeles. Variety reports that it has even found itself a lead: Brittany Snow.

Farmer Talks Clock Tower, Messengers 2 Status

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m really looking forward to Patrick Lussier’s remake of My Bloody Valentine, and not just because it’s going to be in 3D. No, the more I read about the more it sounds like it’s going to be a damn solid horror film.

Hills 2 Helmer Now on Clock Tower

Yet another change up in the world of Clock Tower, the movie adaptation of the groundbreaking survival horror game from Capcom, came to light today via Variety.