Martin Kove

Art Camacho Takes The Unforgiven to Hell

Any movie that touts a trip to hell instantly piques our interest. I mean, come on, man! Forsaken souls! Demons! Big red himself! What's not to like? Read on for the first details about the latest trip to the grand inferno, The Unforgiven. We think. The press release is kinda vague about the whole hell thing.

More Sasquatchploitation in Latest Savage Trailer

It really shouldn't be this busy on a Friday, but hey, if we gotta work at least we're reporting on Bigfoot movies and not flipping burgers, right? Get ready for more sasquatchploitation in the latest trailer for Savage!

A Savage One Sheet

Want to see the first one sheet for the upcoming "Sasquatch on the loose" creature feature Savage? Of course you do! Come on in; we have it!

More Names for Death Keeps Coming

It’s been a few months since we’ve heard anything about Derek K. Milton’s supernatural western Death Keeps Coming, and the other day reader “Jessica” dropped us a line with the heads up that some more casting took place shortly after our last piece on it that slipped past us.