Mark Steven Johnson

HBO Loses Faith in Preacher

You may recall a few months back that a lot of hoopla arose surrounding the announcement that Mark Steven Johnson, he of Ghost Rider infamy, would be tackling a miniseries for HBO based on Garth Ennis’ beloved comic series Preacher. The plan was large; at one point every single issue of the comic was going to be an entire episode of the show (really the only way it would work). Now, however, Johnson has revealed that it was always close, but no cigar.

Johnson Talks Preacher

Perhaps my fears were for naught. The recent news that Ghost Rider writer/director Mark Steven Johnson would be bringing the Preacher comic series to life via HBO left me a little concerned. Of all the names that have circled this project over the years, his is one of the least proven, but a recent chat with Fangoria has made me feel a helluva lot better about it.

HBO Develops Preacher

I’ve got to say it’s about damn time some movement was made on Preacher again. People have been trying to get Garth Ennis’ comic onto the big screen for years; it finally took HBO to make it a reality ... just on a slightly smaller screen.