Mark Steensland

Dead @ 17 (Short)

Reviewed by Melissa Bostaph Starring Jessica Ciccone, Katelyn Gracy, Ryan Krysiak Directed by Mark Steensland It’s a sad fact that most of us have lost or will lose a close friend while we are still young. My first childhood casualty happened when I was in sixth grade. A good friend succumbed after a long battle with leukemia and he was gone forever.

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Girls are pretty cool, no? What about girls who kick ass? What about girls who kick the ass of the undead? Perhaps the coolest girls of all.

Special, The (Script)

Written by Rick Hautala and Mark Steensland Undated Draft Though the name Rick Hautala may not jump out at you right away, the man’s been working in our beloved genre for as long as I can remember. For over twenty years he’s been contributing to those who want to sicken their minds with books like Nightstone and The Mountain King, and though his output isn’t what it used to be, he’s not gone from the scene by any stretch of the imagination.

Sucker (Short, 2006)

Starring Camille Jones, Shannon Solo Directed by Mark Steensland 8 Minutes

Lovecraft's Pillow (Short Film)

Reviewed by D.W. Bostaph, Jr. Starring Shannon Solo, Christine Mangone, Greg Ropp Directed by Mark Steensland

Steensland, Mark (Sucker, Lovecraft's Pillow)

You have just got to love a guy who is almost arrested