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A Sneak Peek of Supernatural Episode 7.17 - The Born-Again Identity

A clip has arrived from this week's Episode 7.17 of "Supernatural", cleverly titled "The Born-Again Identity". Watch as Lucifer sits in on the Winchester brothers' conversation while Dean's angry that Sam's not angry.

Teaser for Supernatural Episode 7.17 - The Born-Again Identity; Jared Padalecki Answers Fan Questions

One thing The CW does better than any network is cater to its fans, as evidenced by this latest "CW Connect" video of "Supernatural" star Jared Padalecki answering fan questions. We also have a quick peek at next week's Episode 7.17, "The Born-Again Identity".

Preview of and Clip from Being Human (US) Episode 2.06 - Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like This

We never expected to enjoy "Being Human" on Syfy as much as we do, and with the tease of Mark Pellegrino's return next week in "Mama Said There'd Be Decades Like This", we're even more psyched for the episode. Check out the preview and a sneak peek clip to see if you concur!

AFM 2011: New Stills and Slightly Different Sales Art - Bad Meat

So, yeah. We're kind of pooped. Don't worry, though; there's plenty more AFM action headed your way, and we'll be here getting it out to you ASAP. That being said, what better way to wind up today's coverage (at least for now) than with a heaping helping of Bad Meat!?!

AFM 2011: Ultra-Gory Bad Meat Sales Trailer

One flick hoping to score itself some distro at this year's AFM is the new chiller from Lulu Jarmen, Bad Meat. If this sales trailer is any indication of what's to come, please sign us up immediately if not sooner!

Syfy Renews Being Human (US) for Another Year

I have to admit I'm really enjoying the US version of "Being Human". Yeah, Josh is totally annoying, and Sally is nowhere near as endearing as Annie, her British counterpart. But both Aidan and Bishop kick all kinds of ass. Apparently Syfy agrees as they've just renewed the show for another year.

Syfy's Being Human Premiere Sets Record

Though we're still not entirely sure why they just couldn't start running the original hit British TV series "Being Human", it seems that the folks over at Syfy are obviously on the right track with their remake.

Promo Package Revealed for Syfy's Being Human

With the January 17, 2011, premiere date for Syfy's "Being Human" redux just a few weeks away, the network's promotions department has started sending out press kits for the show, and we've got a sneak peek at what they contain.

Syfy Unveils Cast Photos, Character Descriptions, and Promo Video for Being Human

After months of speculation Syfy has finally unveiled cast photos, character descriptions, a full synopsis, and even a promo video for its redux of the British TV series "Being Human", and we have to say it's looking a lot more promising than we first thought ... mostly due to two little words: Mark Pellegrino, who plays the charismatic but menacing Bishop.

Syfy's Being Human Redux Lands a Mentor - Mark Pellegrino

Even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with the original BBC show, the powers-that-be have surmised that we need our own Americanized version of the incredible little show "Being Human", which focuses on a ghost, vampire, and we

SDCC 09: Supernatural Season Five Preview Description

There are few TV series that both respect and cater to their fans like the CW's "Supernatural" does. And at this year's San Diego Comic-Con creator Eric Kripke once again treated those attending the show's panel to a full five-minute sneak peek at the Season Five premiere. Unlike in previous years, it wasn't the opening, but rather a few scenes from the middle of Act 1. Spoilers follow so only click thtough if you're all caught up and just can't wait for September 10th.

Devilish Mark Pellegrino Joins Supernatural Cast

Fans of "Supernatural" got a nice treat last week when word came down that Adrianne Palicki was going to reprise her portrayal of Jessica in at least one episode, but what we've really been wanting to hear about is who would be playing Season 5's big bad, Lucifer. Our wait is now over.