Mark Pavia

Over an Hour of Never Before Seen Footage from The Night Flier Surfaces!

In what is no doubt the coolest news of the day, 69 minutes of lost behind-the-scenes footage from 1997's The Night Flier has made its way onto YouTube, courtesy of a user calling himself "Dwight Renfield," who was of course a character in the film.

Stories to Be Included in Mark Pavia's Stephen King Anthology Film Announced

Earlier this year we reported on Mark (The Night Flier) Pavia's new anthology film based on several Stephen King tales, and now we know which stories are being included as well as what the film will be titled. Read on for the details.

Director Mark Pavia Returning with New Stephen King Anthology Film

Around these parts a little indie flick ranks up there as being one of the single scariest and best Stephen King adaptations out there. We're talking of course about Mark Pavia's The Night Flier. Good news, kids, as it sounds as if Pavia is finally ready to get back to business with a new anthology film based upon several King tales!

Dig on Mark Pavia's 16mm Zombie Short Drag

Around these parts we're big fans of director Mark Pavia, who first hit our radar with the deliciously creepy film adaptation of Stephen King's The Night Flier. Ever wonder how and why he got that gig? Well you're about to see for yourself.

Mark Pavia Casting Sick Nick Right Now

It's been a while since we've had any news surrounding Mark Pavia's upcoming Christmas slasher flick, Sick Nick, but we're happy to report the project appears to be moving forward steadily.

Night Flier Director Mark Pavia Explores Sick Nick!

For me, one of the best horror films of the 90s is The Night Flier. The Stephen King adaptation is a terrifically eerie little horror film boasting some fantastic atmosphere and performances, and I've always felt its success is largely due to Mark Pavia's skilled direction. For a while it looked like Pavia was never going to deliver a sophomore effort, but we're happy to announce that day is finally here!