Mark Mendola

Things Get Gooey in This Second Clip from Ombis

Hot on the heels of the news that Phoenix Group Releasing has picked up Adam R. Steigert's Ombis for distribution comes the flick's second clip. Check it out, but be careful - things are getting gooey around here!

New Images and Distribution News for Adam Steigert's Ombis

We've been talking about Adam Steigert's horror/sci-fi opus Ombis for quite some time, and now we have some good news to share as the film has landed a distribution deal with Phoenix Group Releasing.

New Exclusive Stills from Adam Steigert's Ombis

Things are heating up for Adam Steigert's horror/sci-fi opus Ombis, and the director/co-writer sent over a few exclusive new stills for us to share. This one is looking pretty fun so keep it here for more as it comes!

Watch the First Clip from Adam Steigert's Ombis

Things get a little awkward in this first clip from Adam Steigert's Ombis, which features Aryn Fitzgerald (Haley) and Richard Satterwhite (Sheriff Brackett) in a heartfelt moment. Check it out along with the theatrical poster and a new, longer synopsis for the film.

A Gooey New Ombis Trailer Arrives

We've been writing about Adam Steiger's Ombis since the beginning of the year, and from the looks of the film's stylish new trailer, things are progressing pretty nicely.

Lynn Lowry Joins the Cast of DefTone Pictures Studios' Ombis

A bit of casting news has come in for DefTone Pictures Studios' upcoming feature film Ombis along with our first good look at the "Mutant". In addition, just for fun, we have a photo of the legendary Lloyd Kaufman meeting up with the Ombis gang.

New Trailer for Ombis; Interview with Special Effects Artist Phill Beith

Production on Ombis is in full swing, and there's lots of new stuff to share: Teaser Trailer #2, a video interview with makeup FX artist Phill Beith, and a photo from The Buffalo Comic & Pop Culture Con with John Amplas, star of George A. Romero’s Martin, Creepshow, and Dawn of the Dead.

Exclusive Stills Debut for DefTone Pictures Studios' Ombis

Director Adam R. Steigert dropped us a line today and shared some new exclusive stills from Ombis, the 1950’s style alien invasion film he and DefTone Pictures Studios currently have in production.

Casting Update, New Poster, and More Stills from DefTone Pictures Studios' Ombis

One upcoming project we're keeping a close eye on is Adam R. Steigert's Ombis, and today we have quite a bit of news to share that includes a casting update, a few more stills, and the film's new official poster.

Another Teaser Lands for DefTone Pictures Studios' Ombis

A second teaser has arrived for alien invasion flick Ombis coming in October, 2013, from DefTone Pictures Studios, and while it doesn't show a lot, it does set a pretty nice tone for what we can expect.

Deftone Pictures Studios Announces a Release Date and More Details for Ombis

A week or so ago we got the first word on DefTone Pictures Studios' Ombis, which is being co-directed by Adam Steigert and Mark Mendola, and now we have more details on the locations being used for the shoot along with a projected release date and a few behind-the-scenes photos.

First Details, Artwork, and Teaser Trailer for DefTone Pictures Studios' Ombis

Adam Steigert of DefTone Pictures Studios dropped us a line with some early details, artwork, and a teaser trailer for Ombis, an alien invasion themed horror/sci-fi film he's co-directing with Mark Mendola. Check it out!