Mario Van Peebles

New Images Submerged in Terror

A second set of stills from Steven C. Miller's next film, Submerged, has been released, and we have 'em for you right here... minus all the screaming and water that would usually come with the taking in of such sights.

First Submerged Images Cut Deep

On tap right now are the first stills from Steven C. Miller's next film, Submerged, and you don't even have to be wet to enjoy them. However, if getting wet is your thing, don't let us stop you. How in the world did this all start sounding so dirty? In any event...

Director Thunder Levin Talks The Asylum's American Warships

He’s photographed naked women for Roger Corman, made a movie called Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood!, helmed an Asylum mockbuster that spawned a major studio lawsuit, nearly made a mega blockbuster for a major studio, and, best of all, his name really is Thunder.

American Battleship Becomes American Warships; Syfy Unveils New Trailer for the Lawsuit-Spawning Mockbuster

It looks like Universal scored a few hits in its lawsuit against The Asylum over the American Battleship mockbuster but have thus far failed to sink its battleship. Instead the movie has been rechristened American Warships, and Syfy will still air it one day after Battleship opens in US theaters.

UPDATED: Universal Sues The Asylum: 'You Sunk our Battleship!'

Just how worried are the execs at Universal that their mega budget Battleship movie might sink at the box office? Apparently they’re worried enough that they’ve actually filed a lawsuit against The Asylum over its American Battleship mockbuster.

First Images of Mario Van Peebles and Carl Weathers Aboard The Asylum’s American Battleship

It was a month ago when word first broke that The Asylum is getting back to its classical mockbuster ways with American Battleship, the company's take on this summer’s mega budget board game-inspired Battleship. Now we have our first look at stars Mario Van Peebles and Carl Weathers on the set as they try to prevent intergalactic aquatic invaders from sinking their battleship.

Mario Van Peebles and Carl Weathers Board The Asylum's American Battleship

Of all the upcoming blockbusters for The Asylum to do a mockbuster of, I commend the gutsy call made to ride the coattails of one that has already been the subject of much snickering and eye-rolling. Then again, they’re used to snickering and eye-rolling. But by hiring Sonny Spoon and Apollo Creed, their American Battleship already has the cooler cast.