Mariano Cattaneo

Raven Banner Entertainment to Deliver the Incident (Incidente) Stateside

The latest Argentinian cinéma-vérité zombie flick Incident, or Incidente for you purists out there, has found itself some Stateside distribution via Raven Banner Entertainment. The film is directed by Mariano Cattaneo, and Daniel de la Vega, Ezio Massa, Andres Borghi, Juan Manuel Rodil, Dany Casco and Melisa Fernandez star.

Incidente - First Plot Details Revealed!

Last month we brought you the first word on the upcoming Argentinian cinéma-vérité zombie flick Incidente. And though we had stills, a trailer, and many bits of artwork, details were still very much on the scant side of the fence. Until now.

Argentinian Zombies Run Amok in the Incidente

Here at Dread Central we're big fans of documentary or found footage type films, and this latest one coming out of Argentina looks nothing short of badass! According to director Mariano Cattaneo his film, Incidente, was inspired by the likes of [REC], Lamberto Bava's Demons, The Blair Witch Project, and even Stephen King’s novel Desperation.