Marcus Dunstan

Splash Around Behind-the-Scenes of Piranha 3DD

Is it June yet? We just want to bask in the tasteless majesty of this movie. Boobs, blood, Hoff... who could blame us? So yeah, we still have to wait a few more weeks to get to the goods so here are a couple of behind-the-scenes videos to tide you over.

More Piranha 3DD Clips Come Running to the Rescue

Words cannot describe just how much we are looking forward to Piranha 3DD. Simply put, it looks like everything it should be, and knowing the folks behind it, we can pretty much guarantee it'll be one of the most gory, raunchy, and fun flicks of the year!

The Hoff Feels His Age in Latest Piranha 3DD Clip

Another Piranha 3DD clip featuring The Hoff has come ashore, and considering it's titled "I'm Old", you just have to laugh when he starts huffing and puffing midway through after springing into "Baywatch" mode.

Gary Busey Makes a Stink in New Piranha 3DD Blooper Reel

Can't get enough of actor Gary Busey? Well, you may get more than you bargained for in this latest blooper reel just released for John Gulager's toothy new sequel Piranha 3DD. Read on. If you dare, that is. You've been warned.

The Hoff Hunts Love in New Piranha 3DD Clip

David Hasselhoff is a lot of things. A knight rider, a lifeguard, a judge of talent, a phenomenon in Germany, a sloppy eater of hamburgers, you name it. However, his most important title will be revealed in Piranha 3DD when he assumes the role of "The Love Hunter."

Tiny Teaser Image from The Collection

Just in time for Cannes a new, albeit tiny, image from the Marcus Dunstan-directed sequel The Collection is here, and it looks pretty damned menacing. Check it out.

Piranha 3DD Trailer - Available in Original Recipe and New Extra Hoff

What's this? More David Hasselhoff? Can your psyches even stand it? Hold on to your pants, kids! Things are about to get wet, wild, and weird! Check it out!

Official One-Sheet for Piranha 3DD Revealed

Even more delicious eye candy has hit this wondrous series of tubes known as the Internet as the new one-sheet for the highly anticipated summer flick Piranha 3DD has officially surfaced!

New Piranhaa 3DD One-Sheet Busts Out

A new one-sheet in support of Piranha 3DD has hit online and it is truly a gift for the eyes. Well actually it's more like two gifts. Um ... one for each eye, maybe? Read on!

The Collection is Nearly Complete

Good news coming out on Twitter for fans of The Collector. Co-writer Patrick Melton revealed that they’re in the final days of mixing the Marcus Dunstan-directed sequel The Collection.

New Piranha 3DD Stills Surface with Blood in the Water

Finally a little carnage has come our way in this latest batch of images from the highly anticipated summertime tear 'em up known as Piranha 3DD! Read on for some mayhem, kids! The water is perfect! Jump on in!

Piranha 3DD Fed to the MPAA and the Rating is IN!

The moment a lot of us have been dreading for a while now is here. With all the controversy surrounding the rating of The Weinstein's Bully, we have been hoping that the MPAA wouldn't shred Piranha 3DD to pieces, and finally their verdict is here...

Piranha 3DD Red Band Trailer Unleashed

Ahoy, mateys! We've got a toothy new red band trailer for you landlubbers to chew on. Just when you thought it was safe to go to a water park... Check it out, kids! More NOT SAFE FOR WORK Piranha 3DD lunacy!

Dozens of Piranha 3DD Images Dock Online

This newest crop of images from Piranha 3DD may be light on the carnage, but wow, are they heavy on the eye candy. Turn down your lights and get to clicking! We won't tell anyone!

Piranha 3DD Swims into Theatres in June

Finally an answer has come as to when we'll be able to sample the glory of John Gulager's Piranha 3DD. Get out your swimsuits, kids! This summer is gonna get off to a wild start!