Marcus Dunstan

Midnight Man Approaches

At last year’s first annual Fear Fest, Patick Melton, Marcus Dunstan and John Gulager were all in attendance to discuss their work on Feast, but they also showed the crowd the trailer for Midnight Man, a new film the trio were working on getting off the ground.

Dunstan on Feast 3!

Can’t wait for Saw IV this weekend to see how the writers of Feast tackle the incredibly tangled mythology behind Jigsaw? I have to admit, neither can I, but if you want to talk upcoming projects from writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton that I’m really anticipating, the Feast sequels are very close to the top of the list.

Dunstan's Midnight Man a Go!

Anyone who was lucky and/or smart enough to attend the first annual Fear Fest (more info on number two is here), and in turn were smart enough to attend the panel with John Gulager, Marcus Dunstan and Diane Goldner were the first, and maybe last, to see test footage they shot for Midnight Man, a film we’ve been hoping to get made for a while over here.

Twice the Fright for Feast Duo

Man, some people just never learn, do they? Despite seeing what became of their first writing project for the company, the duo behind Feast have just sold off another pair of scripts to Dimension Films, according to Variety.