Marc Selz

Indie Filmmaker Marc Selz Launches Psycho Logical Pictures Production Company

Returning from a filmmaking hiatus after banging out three feature films, Midwest indie filmmaker Marc Selz is ready to jump back into the movie-making fray, beginning with the grand opening of his new production company Psycho Logical Pictures.

Satanic Panic - New Stills and Trailer

Three new stills and another trailer have made their way online today for Marc Selz's upcoming devil-fest Satanic Panic courtesy of the director himself, and rather than being stingy, we figured we'd share.

Satanic Panic Scores Distro! New Stills!

It's always nice to see the little guy make good. Big studio films have a habit of swallowing up the indie scene, but lucky for us some really good stuff can stand whatever Hollyweird can throw at it. Case in point -- Marc Selz's Satanic Panic.

New Satanic Panic Stills Surface

Marc Selz dropped us a line with a couple of stills from his devil-cult film Satanic Panic and talked some distro plans! So when can we expect to see the demonic mayhem?

Satanic Panic Mask Scores Distro!

Just got a heads up from the guys behind the upcoming indie film Satanic Panic, Marc Selz Productions, that a mask design used in the movie was just picked up by Chicago-based Zagone Studios for reproduction! The mask, which you can see in all its badass glory below, will be part of Zagone’s 2009 catalog and will be in select Halloween outlets next year.

Satanic Panic Premiere Set

Word just came down from indie director Marc Selz that his latest contribution to our genre, Satanic Panic, is preparing for its world premiere screening in the small Illinois town of Wheeling. Since not much usually happens in the Midwest (I know, I used to live there), we’ve got to be sure we let you know when something finally does!

Satanic Panic Wraps, New Pics!

Yesterday we got a heads up from the sick minds behind Satanic Panic that the film has finally wrapped, overcoming nature’s attempt to cut the production short via the use of rain. We also received some brand-new pics from the film, which you can check out below.

Panic For a Satanic Trailer

Satanic Panic, which we haven't heard from for a while (“Selz Panics With Satan” – July 2007), let Fangoria know that the film was now in post-production.

Selz Panics With Satan

Last week Fangoria got word from The Rockville Slayer director Marc Selz about his newest project titled Satanic Panic. Salz started shooting his newest picture on June 2nd in Rochelle, Illinois, and all has been going well since.