Marc Haimes

1492 Pictures Acquires Remake Rights to Andre Ovredal's Troll Hunter

Although back in November, 2010, it was reported that Universal had acquired remake rights to the outstanding Norwegian cinéma-vérité style film Troll Hunter, it looks like those rights have instead landed at Chris Columbus’ 1492 Pictures in a partnership with CJ Entertainment & Media.

Marc Haimes Gives Paramount the Jitters

Marc Haimes, who went from DreamWorks executive to screenwriter, has just sold his latest script, entitled Jitters to Paramount. The project will be produced by Benderspink, which also happens to be Haimes' management company.

Summit Calls on Elevator Men

Official details have been released for Elevator Men, a new thriller that traces the exploits of a single mom in pursuit of Mr. Right, who ends up meeting a horrific creature in a human guise. This, my friends, goes way beyond beer goggles!