Marc Forster

New Amazon Pilots Include Marc Forster's Hand of God and Otto Bathurst's Hysteria

It's pilot season once again for Amazon Studios, and among the five announced shows getting a test run, two seem to offer a little something for the horror crowd. Read on for more about "Hand of God" and "Hysteria."

Brad Pitt Set to Star in World War Z Sequel

Variety is reporting that Brad Pitt is now set to star in the sequel to World War Z. As if there was any doubt! Still, after the well documented troubles on the set of the first one, ya gotta admire his gumption to willingly step back into the world of the undead.

Director Found for World War Z Sequel

Considering the grueling production woes behind the first film, it's a wonder that World War Z turned out as good as it did. So will production finally go smoothly on its sequel? Paramount's hoping their new director will be able to keep things on track!

Marc Forster Clarifies Decision to Change World War Z's Ending

When World War Z hit home video back in September, we were bummed to discover that the much-publicized alternate ending of the film, which was completely re-shot for the finished product, wasn't included with the release or even mentioned in any of the special features.

Exclusive World War Z Clip Kicks off Halloweek!

So what if World War Z was released on Blu-ray and DVD a few weeks ago? It's Halloween week, and Paramount supplied us with an exclusive behind-the-scenes clip for you from the Best Buy Blu-ray featuring a look at the film's zombie-making process!

New Director Steering the World War Z Sequel Ship

Given the box office and home video success of the better than you'd expect World War Z flick, a sequel is absolutely inevitable; however, this time someone else will be sitting in the director's chair.

Exclusive UNRATED World War Z Clip Chases You to the Roof!

So the question beckons... just how much more violent is the unrated cut of World War Z? We have an exclusive extended clip from the new cut on tap to share with you cats. Dig it!

World War Z: Survival Day Fallout!

After a well publicized turbulent production, World War Z surprised everyone by raking in major box office dollars and – most importantly - not sucking. The unrated version of the film hits Blu-ray today, and to celebrate, Paramount Pictures held a “Survival Day” for the press at the Old Zoo in Los Angeles, CA.

Does the Unrated Version of World War Z Deliver? Find Out Now!

Last night we went one-on-one with the UNRATED cut of World War Z and have come back with a verdict on whether or not the new cut has bite or is just as toothless as its PG-13 cousin. Read on!

World War Z (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, James Badge Dale, Daniella Kertesz, David Morse, Matthew Fox, Elyes Gabel

Exclusive World War Z Home Video Clip Arrives for You to Feast on!

We are just days away from the release of the upcoming UNRATED cut of World War Z on Blu-ray and DVD, and to whet your appetites, we have an exclusive clip that explores a very specific type of zombie! Check it out!

Brad Pitt Addresses World War Z Sequel Status

While at the Toronto International Film Festival, Variety caught up with mega-star Brad Pitt, who spoke about the sequel to the surprising monster hit World War Z, which to date has made a whopping $500 million. Not too shabby!

Win a Copy of World War Z on Blu-ray

We are just days away from the release of the upcoming UNRATED cut of World War Z on Blu-ray and DVD and you know what that means? Yep! It's time to give you guys a chance to score one for free! Read on for details.

World War Z and Star Trek Into Darkness Double Feature on its Way to Theaters!

Zombies, Spock, and massive budgets... OH MY! For a limited time only in select theaters, two of this summer's biggest blockbusters are headed back to the multiplex on a double bill.

First Look at Unrated World War Z Blu-ray; Original Ending Included?

We nailed ourselves a look at the artwork and specs for the upcoming UNRATED World War Z Blu-ray and DVD, and the question continues to beckon... will we finally get to see the original last half of the film as an extra?