Producer Neal Moritz Talks Escape from New York, Preacher, and Man-Witch

Sometimes movies we're really looking forward to end up being tied up for what feels like forever. Three projects that have been floating around for a while now coming from producer Neal Moritz - the Escape from New York remake, the comic adaptation Preacher, and the horror comedy Man-Witch - are perfect examples of the unfortunate agonizing waits that we as fans must endure.

Zach Galifianakis to Become a Man-Witch?

After a more than successful stint in the hilarious flick The Hangover, bearded funnyman Zach Galifianakis could very well be up for the lead role in Warner Bros supernatural comedy Man-Witch.

Writer Stolberg Talks Piranha and Sorority Row

Screenwriter Josh Stolberg has got to be having the best year of his life right now. One of his projects, Sorority Row, is currently is post-production and another script of his, Piranha 3D, is currently being filmed under the helm of Alex Aja in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.