Malik Bader

Here's a New Trailer for You to Crush On

Gather round, my fellow psychos. The official trailer for Crush is here, and we need you to watch it. Seriously. Do it. Don't make us have to follow you home to be sure you watch it. We can, you know. We know where you live.

Get a Crush on Blu-ray

Crushes can really be harsh, man. One person's obsession can lead to all sorts of nasty outcomes if taken too far. Such is the case in the new terror tale on the block, Crush. Pretty soon you'll be able to find out just how crazed things can get as the flick is on its way to home video.

Leigh Whannell Has a Deadly Crush

It's a tale we've seen time and time again. One person's obsession with another leads to all sorts of nasty outcomes. However, the addition of a genre favorite could serve to spice things up a bit!

Another Crush Goes Horribly Awry

Sometimes adoration can lead directly to madness. Trust us, we know. Every day we have to keep several chains on our doors to prevent wild-eyed fans from harming our sexy. This scenario has also been fodder for countless films, and you can now add another to the list!