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New Scary Movie 5 Clip Hops in the Sack with Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen

Here's the thing... that wet spot found in the bed with Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen? Yeah, it's probably not tiger's blood so you may just want to tread carefully if you plan on approaching it. That being said... dig on this new clip!

New Scary Movie 5 Stills Aren't Monkeying Around

Another group of stills for Scary Movie 5 have popped up online, and we have them for you right here to gawk at. Dare you stare? That almost sounds like a threat, doesn't it? Get over it! It's not like we are tying you to a seat and forcing you to look. Then again...

4 New Images From Scary Movie 5 Equal Not 1 Laugh

To this very day it puzzles me that we don't have a Halloween 3 or a My Bloody Valentine 2; yet, Scary Movie 5 is riding high with Dimension. The series hasn't even been almost funny since its second entry. Yep, just one more step closer to Idiocracy, I tell ya!

Scary Movie 5 Gets Two New TV Spots and its Own Website

For those of you out there who are counting the days until Scary Movie 5 (there has to be at least one of you), two new TV spots have arrived along with an official website for you to tool around on. Check 'em out!

New Scary Movie 5 TV Spot Haunts the Internet

A new TV spot for Dimension's Scary Movie 5 made its way online today over at Fandango (not to be confused with the new Diva-like WWE grappler of the same name), and as per usual we have it here for you whether you want it or not.

New Scary Movie 5 Poster Circumcises Charlie Sheen and Sanitizes the Rest!

We guess that Dimension has deemed the visage of Charlie Sheen's ghost-boner on the new poster for Scary Movie 5 was a bit too much for audiences to handle because they released a new sanitized version of the flick's one-sheet!

New Trailer and Official Poster Creep Online for Scary Movie 5

Looking forward to Scary Movie 5? We're not sure why you would be, but we've got a brand new trailer and the official one-sheet for you to dig on. Experience the pain here if you dare. Seriously. It's gonna hurt.

Here's the Scary Movie 5 Trailer to Lift Your Holiday Spirits

Of course Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan appear in the Scary Movie 5 trailer, which focuses its spoofs on the Paranormal Activity franchise and also offers nods to Inception and Black Swan. Check it out and decide whether you'll see it or the Evil Dead remake on April 12, 2013.

Take a Gander at This Scary Movie 5 Still

I have to admit I feel a little dirty just typing this up, but here's another look at Scary Movie 5. And if the previous stills have done nothing for you, this one's guaranteed to leave you ambivalent.

First Look at Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen in Scary Movie 5

Well then. It appears as if Ms. Lohan finally found her way to the set of Scary Movie 5 because we have the first still featuring her and co-star Charlie Sheen right here for you. Check it out now courtesy of Dimension!

Lindsay Lohan Allergic to Scary Movie 5

You know those days when you're waking up early and the last thing you want to do is go to either school or work? We all have them. Hell, some of us have them every day. If only we could afford the luxury of not having to go do something tedious that's akin to pissing in the wind.

Heather Locklear Plays One Bad Mother in Scary Movie 5

More casting news is coming in for Scary Movie 5 as Heather Locklear has joined the cast as the mother of a young dancer in a role that is more than inspired by the nightmare mom Barbara Hershey played in Black Swan.

Scary Movie 5 Begins Production; Casting News and Plot Details Surface

The highly anticipated guaranteed box office blockbuster that nobody asked for, Scary Movie 5, has officially begun production, and we have the full casting news along with some plot details for you... whether you want it or not. Check it out!

Terry Crews Joins Scary Movie 5 & Spoiler Alert: What Will Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan Be Doing in the Film?

Although we're not super-excited about Scary Movie 5, that doesn't mean we're going to ruin it for anyone who might be like The Hollywood Reporter did in a recent headline. Curious? Then read on for the details.

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen Sign on for Fifth Scary Movie?

Odd reports are coming in for the next entry in Dimension's Scary Movie franchise... it sounds as if we're not looking at a sequel but a reboot of the entire franchise with some really infamous names attached to star.