Red Trailer

For a while now you’ve been reading about Red here on Dread Central, and finally as its release date approaches, we’re getting more and more to talk about. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out our Red review from Fantasia, which will hopefully make you look forward to it even more.

Magnolia Readies Red

Magnolia Pictures has finally settled on its release plans for Lucky McKee and Trygve Allister Diesen’s Red, an adaptation of the Jack Ketchum novel of the same name.

The Signal on DVD Winners Announced!

Do you have the crazy? No? Believe you me, you WANT the crazy! The Signal still remains on many fans' top films of the year list and with good reason -- it kicks ass! Know what that means right? Time to give away stuff!

Magnolia is Under Surveillance

The Hollywood Reporter let the world know today that Jennifer Lynch's follow up to Boxing Helena has been picked up by Magnolia Pictures. Surveillance is the story of an FBI agent trying to hunt down a serial murderer with the assistance of three possible victims. The film, starring Bill Pullman and Julia Ormond, will hit Cannes on May 21st with a fall release in the works. Check out the trailer below.

Magnolia Sees Red, New Poster!

Variety is reporting that Magnolia Pictures has swept up the distribution rights to the adaptation of Jack Ketchum's Red.

New Timecrimes Poster Art

While at New York Comic Con this past weekend, which made the wise decision to move from February to April this year but is going back to February for next year, I hit up the Magnolia/Magnet booth

Shrooms (DVD)

Reviewed by Uncle Creepy Starring Sean McGinley, Joe Phelan, Lindsey Haun, Anna Tikhonova Directed by Paddy Breathnach Distributed by Magnolia Home Entertainment

Poughkeepsie Date, More Changes

Man, a lot of changes have come down as to when you’re going to see the most anticipated horror films of the near future according to Box Office Mojo. Not sure why it’s happened all of a sudden, but the dates they are a changin'.

Host, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Syxx Starring Kang-Ho Song, Hie-bong Byeon, Hae-il Park, Du-na Bae and Ah-sung Ko Directed by Bong Joon-Ho Distributed by Magnolia Home Entertainment

Host Snatches Some New Artwork

Not too long we told you about the ballsy Asian horror movie The Host (review) pulling out all the stops by jumping on every available DVD format right here. Though the news about the film having four different releases come July 24th is old, the cover art for the discs is not. Here is a rundown of what you will be able to find on each disc type:

Severance Opening Online

Magnolia Pictures just sent out word that the first three minutes of Severance (review), the new horror/comedy from Creep director Christopher Smith, are now online and ready to be watched.

Host Trailer Hits U.S. Shores!

Here’s what you guys have been waiting for: the debut of the domestic trailer for Bong Joon-Ho’s monster epic The Host. MSN Movies got their well-manicured hands on said trailer today so wait no longer to give it a look!

Host Remake Already?

Now this is just flat-out disturbing. Bong Joon-ho just finished work on The Host after well over two years of hard work getting the look of the monster just right and balancing a horror story with a family drama, and now Universal’s going to come along and muck it all up. Like they always do.

Magnolia Sets Dates for Host, Severance

So the predominant question that’s been on Asian cinemephiles’ lips for the past year or so is "When the hell do I get to see The Host?" Finally, we have an answer. January 29th, 2007... This is the word from Magnolia Pictures (via Bloody Disgusting), though it was not specified if it will be theatrical (damn well better) or straight to DVD.

Host Already Up for Remake

While we all eagerly await news as to when Magnolia will unleash Bong Joon-ho’s highly anticipated monster movie The Host here in the U.S., some American producers have already begun circling the project with "remake" in their eyes.