A New Trailer for Rec 3: Genesis Appears Across the Pond

Ready for a little bit more action from [REC] 3: Genesis (review here)? Then check out the latest trailer for the flick from the UK!

SXSW 2012: First International Clips - Rec 3: Genesis

The hype wheel for [REC] 3: Genesis is spinning in overdrive. Ready for some clips? Of course you are! Sit back, relax and chew slowly, folks. It's the good stuff!

Confirmed - Magnet Handling Rec 3: Genesis for Domestic Distro

We've been hearing for a while now that Magnet, the genre arm of Magnolia Pictures, would be handling domestic distro for [REC] 3: Genesis. Though no official confirmation has ever come, word of the news has again begun spreading. So we decided to call on the powers-that-be.

Playback (2012)

Starring Johnny Pacar, Christian Slater, Ambyr Childers, Toby Hemmingway Directed by Michael Nickles

A New Trailer Takes Us Beyond the Black Rainbow

A new trailer has come our way for Panos Cosmatos’ sci-fi thriller Beyond the Black Rainbow, and it has us both intrigued and slightly confused. Check it out!

Gruesome First Image From The ABCs of Death

While we're uncertain at this point which letter of the alphabet director Xavier Gens will be tackling for the upcoming mega-anthology The ABC's of Death, the director has shared the first still from his piece. We approve. We totally approve.

The ABC's of Death: T Winner Chosen!

We've all been waiting patiently to see who would get the "T" spot in the upcoming anthology flick The ABC's of Death, and the winner has finally been chosen. As a matter of fact, you can watch the winning short right here, right now!

Finally! A Green-Band Trailer for The Innkeepers!

To go along with the spooky new one-sheet that debuted this week, Ti West's The Innkeepers now has an ass-kicking new green-band trailer. Come on in and watch it. Just be warned that some guests never check out!

Spooky New One-Sheet: The Innkeepers

Ti West's stellar spookfest The Innkeepers has gotten itself some brand spanking new artwork, and like everything else associated with the flick, it kicks some serious ass! Dig it!

The ABCs of Death: New Red-Band Compilation of Several "T Is for..." Short Film Submittals

As another nudge to horror fans to remember to vote for the 26th director to be included in The ABCs of Death anthology film, producers Ant Timpson and Tim League have written a note to everyone who entered the contest and also put together a red-band compilation of some of the highlights from the "T Is for..." short films submitted for voting thus far.

The ABCs of Death - Don't Forget to Vote for Your Favorite "T Is for..." Short Film

It's been several weeks since we last mentioned the anthology we're all chomping at the bit to see - The ABCs of Death - and to make sure everyone remembers to vote for the 26th director slot, a new promo video has been released, entitled "T Is for Twenty Bucks". Voting has been extended until November 1st so read on for all the details!

The ABCs of Death - All Twenty-Five Directors Named

Drafthouse Films, Magnet Pictures and Timpson Films have announced the full roster of directors signed on to participate in their international co-production The ABCs Of Death, an anthology horror film featuring segments directed by over two dozen leading talents in contemporary genre film from around the world.

New Red Band Clip from The Last Circus Shoots Up Your Afternoon

It's Friday. We're all looking for the clocks to wind down so we can be relieved from the ridiculousness of our everyday routines. What better way to get through the afternoon than with a little red band violence?

The ABCs of Death Is Looking To Make You Famous! Interested?

Bert and Ernie (recent homosexual rumors aside) have never done the alphabet this way. Makers of the upcoming film The ABCs of Death have rounded up 25 of the brightest young directors in the horror genre in anticipation of their anthology-style film. They need one more, and you could be it!

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Go Inside the Tucker and Dale Party

At the San Diego Comic-Con last week, we were privileged to co-host with Magnet Releasing a VIP party to celebrate the upcoming release of Tucker & Dale vs. Evil onto VOD and in theaters.