Official Specs and Artwork for Magnolia's Home Video Release of Storage 24

Now that's it's finished up its limited theatrical run (you can still catch it on VOD though), Storage 24 is poised to hit Blu-ray and DVD on March 12th from Magnolia Home Entertainment, and we have a look at the box art along with the full list of special features.

Hear from Several of The ABCs of Death Directors in this Featurette

Today is definitely "The ABCs of Death Day," and we have one more story for you. Check out this new featurette for the film that lets you hear from several of the directors who were involved with the ambitious project.

Eat Up the New Home Video Release Trailer for Sushi Girl

It was last August when we first learned that Magnet would be releasing Sushi Girl on Blu-ray/DVD sometime early this year, and now finally we have all the details and info you could want along with a new trailer.

Get Gassed by this Red Band Clip from The ABCs of Death

We've seen a red band trailer, a green band trailer, images, and interviews; and now it's time for a clip from The ABCs of Death, which is available On Demand right now! Just beware it's for mature audiences only.

The ABCs of Death Exclusive Interview and Still: Dread Central Chats with G Is for Gravity's Andrew Traucki

From the minds of 26 different directors comes The ABCs of Death, a modern horror anthology unlike anything horror fans have ever seen before with each letter of the alphabet depicting a different way to kill off the poor unfortunate souls in each segment.

Exclusive Images: The ABCs of Death

On Demand right now is the monster-sized horror anthology The ABCs of Death, and to help usher in the flick to your home, we have a couple of exclusive stills that prove you ought to know your ABCs if you know what's good for you! Dig it!

Another Clip Arrives for John Dies at the End

Hot on the heels of today's earlier announcement about the home video release of John Dies at the End from Magnolia Pictures, we have another clip from the film to share... if you can stay off the sauce long enough to check it out!

John Dies at the End Coming Home in April

Though it's still enjoying a limited theatrical release, and doing quite well we might add, some early DVD and Blu-ray info for Don Coscarelli's John Dies at the End has hit the interwebs, and we have the skinny on what to expect.

Another Clip from John Dies at the End; Full Release Schedule Now Available

Another clip has arrived for John Dies at the End, which premieres in LA today, and we have a look at it along with a list of the cities where the film is heading after this week.

Exclusive: Don Coscarelli on John Dies at the End, His Unconventional Career and More

Master of Horror Don Coscarelli has always been one to march to the beat of his own drum, and his latest film, John Dies at the End, is a perfect representation of the iconic director's unique storytelling approach that he has seemed to embrace throughout his near 35-year long career.

New John Dies at the End Clip Looks at the Box

Around these parts we're big fans of Paul Giamatti. This unlikely leading man has delivered some of modern cinemas best performances, but for our money he's at his greatest (and funniest) during a good old fashioned freak out!

New John Dies at the End Poster Lays Everything Out for You

A new one-sheet for the latest sliver of cinematic strangeness known as John Dies at the End has hit the interwebs, and it's awaiting your peepers right here. Check it out if you dare. Not that anything would happen to you, but still...

Win a Pair of Tickets to Special NYC Screening of John Dies at the End with Coscarelli and Giamatti Q&A

What better way is there to kick off the new year than by winning a pair of tickets to the New York City screening of John Dies at the End, which will be followed immediately by a Q&A featuring legendary director Don Coscarelli and brilliant actor Paul Giamatti?

New Storage 24 Poster Has Claws

The Japanese one-sheet for Magnet's Storage 24, which is available now on Ultra VOD, has been unveiled; and we have it for you right here in all its clawful glory. Check it out, and look for Storage 24 in limited theatres beginning January 11th.

Lose Your Head for this John Dies at the End Anti-Piracy Trailer

You say you're a movie lover; yet, you download movies instead of buying, renting, or going to see them in theatres. Nope, not cool. But we will tell you what is cool, and that's this anti-piracy trailer for John Dies at the End, which is available now on VOD and in theatres on January 25th.