Splinter (2008)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Shea Whigham, Paul Costanzo, Jill Wagner Directed by Toby Wilkins

Splinter Poster Revealed!

A friend of mine had a chance to check out Toby Wilkins’ directorial debut, Splinter, recently and reported back that it’s a helluva lot of fun! I mean, it’s a story about a parasite that makes its host into flesh-craving mad maersons; what could go wrong?

Magnet Unleashes Six Shooter Films

Magnet Films, the genre branch of Magnolia Pictures, have officially released the theatrical series they’re calling Six Shooter Films, ”six films from the vanguard of quality worldwide genre cinema”.

Return to Sleepaway Camp Trailer, Art

Is it wrong that I actually found this trailer to be somewhat entertaining? It’s the trailer for Return to Sleepaway Camp, which you may recall is finally seeing a DVD release thanks to Magnet, and while it’s pretty annoying at first, it almost redeems itself in the end.

Shuttle Departs with Trailer and Poster

You know what we need more of today? Groups of hot young people being hijacked by maniacs to play a game called "Guess Who is the Final Girl." And on that note...

Signal, The (DVD)

Reviewed by Buz "Danger" Wallick Starring AJ Bowen, Anessa Ramsey, Justin Welborn, Scott Polythress Directed by David Bruckner, Dan Bush, Jacob Gentry Released by Magnet

The Signal on DVD Winners Announced!

Do you have the crazy? No? Believe you me, you WANT the crazy! The Signal still remains on many fans' top films of the year list and with good reason -- it kicks ass! Know what that means right? Time to give away stuff!

Sick Nurses (DVD)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Wichan Jarujinda, Kanya Rattapetch, Chidjan Ruijphun Directed by Piraphan Laoyont & Thodsapol Siriwiwat Released by Magnet Releasing

Timecrimes (DVD)

Reviewed by Johnny Butane Starring Karra Elejalde, Candela Fernandez, Barbara Goenaga, Nacho Vigalondo Directed by Nacho Vigalondo Distributed by Magnolia Home Entertainment

Magnet Will Let the Right One In

Magnet, the new genre arm of Magnolia, sure is serious about nabbing new horror before anyone else can. Let the Right One In, the Swedish vampire film we first told you about here, has been scooped up by Magnet for North American release, they reported today.

Let the Right One In Poster, Trailer

Here I am, reporting on yet another vampire film that actually looks somewhat interesting. Either something is wrong with the world or too many drugs have skewed my perception. Or maybe Let the Right One In is genuinely worth keeping an eye on...

Magnet Gets a Splinter

Toby Wilkins’ name is all over the place as of late, thanks to his being the first director to be attached to a Grudge film who’s name doesn’t start with Takashi and end with Shimizu, and now he’s getting even more attention thanks to Magnet nabbing is first film, Splinter, for distribution in the US.

AFM: Magnet Attached to Eden Log

I can’t believe Variety referred to us as "geeks". We’re the ones who make the films successful, could they at least refer to us as "fans"? Sheesh.

Eden Log Poster, Site

Eden Log is one of those films that we’ll randomly hear more info about and every time I am reminded of what a cool looking flick it is. I mean seriously, this thing’s got some style to spare.

Pics, Details on Wilkins' Splinter

** Editor's Note: Pics were removed by request of the filmmakers** While Toby Wilkins preps to get behind the camera to direct the incredibly unwelcome sequel, The Grudge 3, the folks over at Upcoming Horror Movies managed to find out more about his feature debut, Splinter, which we’ve not heard of in months ("Wilkins Gets a Splinter" – May 2007).