Mads Mikkelsen

Hannibal Begins Chewing Up the Ratings

With its second episode NBC's "Hannibal" is beginning to gain ground in the ratings. If you're not watching this, to say that you're missing out is a bit of an understatement. Thankfully everyone's catching on to this superb series.

A Bite-Sized Look at Hannibal Episode 1.03 - Potage

Pardon the pun, but we're really eating up "Hannibal" around these parts as the show is truly surprisingly good. Could NBC actually have a winner on its hands? Take a sneak peek at next week's Episode 1.03 - "Potage."

Review: Hannibal Is Fantastic and You Should Watch it

NBC’s "Hannibal" debuted last Thursday to mediocre ratings. The network has enough faith in it that they’re re-running it tonight at 10 PM (9 PM Central). And you really should watch it. It’s absolutely fantastic.

New Promo and Another Sneak Peek of Hannibal Episode 1.02 - Amuse-Bouche

Excited for Episode 1.02 of "Hannibal," entitled "Amuse-Bouche"? If you're already a fan of the show - and enjoy shrooming - this new clip from the ep should be right up your alley!

Stay One Step Ahead of Hannibal with These Stills from Episode 1.03 - Potage

When you're dealing with a criminal genius like "Hannibal," it's always good to stay one or two steps ahead of the man, so we're taking a look at what's coming at us in the third course... er... episode of the new series on NBC. Here are some tasty morsels... er... stills from "Potage."

Make Your Reservations Now for Hannibal Ep. 1.03 - Potage and Ep. 1.04 - Oeuf

Two more courses are on the menu for "Hannibal" in the coming weeks: First is some soup on April 18th in "Potage," followed by a bite of egg in "Oeuf" on the 25th. Reserve your place at the table, and in the meantime here are the synopses of both episodes.

Take a Bite of These Tasty Previews of Hannibal Episode 1.02 - Amuse-Bouche

Did the first taste of NBC's "Hannibal" prime your palate for another bite? If so, here's a look at what's coming up in Episode 1.02, "Amuse-Bouche," in which Will faces a new case after a bizarre discovery in the woods, along with a promo for the whole season.

Tread on Dangerous Ground and Watch Three Clips from Hannibal

With "Hannibal" debuting in just a few hours, NBC seems to be done teasing us with tidbits from the show, instead opting to provide us with three nice, juicy clips from the premiere. Check 'em all out right here!

NBC Invites You to Watch One More Teaser for the Premiere of Hannibal

Here we are, just a day away from the premiere of "Hannibal" on NBC, and what should be the last teaser for the show has arrived. All we want to know is if director David Slade has finally put his Twilight days behind him and crafted something horror fans can really sink their teeth into!

Go Behind the Scenes of the Hannibal Premiere Episode 1.01 - Aperitif

Are you guys as excited as we are for tomorrow's premiere of "Hannibal" on NBC? We're devouring every sweet morsel of info about the show we can find, and if you're the same, here's a behind-the-scenes look at Episode 1.01, "Aperitif."

Hannibal Series Preview: Who's the Smartest Man in the Room?

For the first time this iconic character firmly established in the universe of fiction and film displays his talents on the small screen. He has been portrayed in numerous adaptations over four decades, and a new face now steps into the limelight, one sure to add to his mythology and legacy...

Exclusive Interview: Mads Mikkelson on Hannibal

Last week at Del Frisco’s Steak House in New York, admittedly a much more intimate setting than usual, Dread Central had the opportunity to sit and dine with the latest and possibly greatest incarnation of iconic psychopath Hannibal Lecter to date, now in the form of Danish actor Mads Mikkelson (Casino Royale).

Prep for the Hannibal Premiere with a Big Batch of Cast and Crew Interviews

Looking for more scraps of information prior to the debut of "Hannibal" next Thursday night? Then pour yourself a big mug of your beverage of choice, get comfortable, and check out these ten interviews with series creator Bryan Fuller, director David Slade, and all the regular cast members.

Sniff Out Two New Teasers for NBC's Hannibal

Another day, another teaser for NBC's upcoming "Hannibal" series. Actually we have two! Check out the latest, entitled "He Knows How They Think" and "Sense of Smell," in which Dr. Lecter knows Will Graham is not like the others.

Watch the Best and Most Bizarre Hannibal Teaser Yet!

One week from tonight "Hannibal" premieres on NBC, and if the show is half as good as the promos for it have been, we are in for one slick, sick treat from our new friend, Dr. Lecter.