DVD Releases: September 28, 2010: Frozen King Kong is a Madman at FrightFest

After a couple of light on horror weeks, we are finally treated to a bumper crop of new releases. Headlining the week is Frozen, which is just what we in Southern California need to stave off our current heat wave. A couple of oldies but goodies are out, too, as Madman celebrates its Happy 30th Birthday and the original King Kong comes to Blu-ray.

Fan-Made Madman Marz Trailer Slashes its Way Online

While we all wait patiently for another hint of word regarding the long proposed sequel to the much beloved Eighties slasher Madman, some fans have gotten together and shot their own trailer for the sequel. Note this is FAN-MADE and not official, but since we admire their passion, we figured we'd share it with you anyway!

Madman - DVD Art and Specs

Finally something official pertaining to the long awaited re-release of the slasher classic Madman! That's right, kids! We've got the art, the date, and even a look at what you're gonna find on the DVD when you get it into your claws! Just be careful not to say his name above a whisper.

Top 10 Axe Murdering Maniacs

With Morgan J. Freeman’s Homecoming hacking its way onto DVD today (courtesy of Paramount Pictures), we here at Dread Central thought it a perfect occasion to take a look back at our favorite on-screen axe murderers as a way of indoctrinating this new blood into the mix. 10. Gaear Grimsrud (Peter Stormare) – Fargo (1996)

Code Red Spawning a Slithis DVD

Ah, Slithis ... I first saw this little rubber monster ditty when CBS ran it late night back in the Eighties under the alternate title Spawn of the Slithis. Scared the heck out of me as a little kid, not so much as an adult watching it on a horribly murky VHS transfer. Now Code Red is preparing to introduce Slithis to the digital world.

Rejoice! New Madman DVD on the Way!

If you missed out on the classic Eighties slasher Madman and are having a bitch of a time finding the original Anchor Bay DVD, then sit tight! Help is on the way and a new edition is in the works!

Madman Makes a Return?

In case you missed last weekend's Fear Fest 2, then you wouldn't know anything about the possibility of there being a new Madman film. However, if you were like the fellows over at Icons of Fright, you would have learned something new.

Ehlers, Paul (Madman)

The following interview is dedicated to the loving memory of Madman director Joe Giannone. Thanks for the screams, my brother. You are missed. Lore of the campfire telling of his horror Lost in the woods with the madman and the stars Don't laugh at the tale Heed if you call hi