Madison County

Second Bit of Madison County Teaser Art

We've been talking about Eric England's Madison County for a while now around these parts. From interviews to set visits (click on the above title for the whole enchilada), we're making sure all bases have been covered. Today something new has dawned, and it has its eye on YOU!

Exclusive: Director Eric England Talks Madison County

Oftentimes on indie film shoots, timing is everything, which means you don’t necessarily get a lot of time to sit down with the cast and crew to talk extensively about their project. This was the case with the ambitious Madison County, which was written and directed by Eric England and shot back in September, 2010 in rural Arkansas.

Exclusive: Set Visit to Madison County Part 1 - First Look at Madison County's Killer, Damien

This past September this writer headed down to Arkansas for a quick set visit for the upcoming slasher flick Madison County. With filming taking place on location in the actual namesake area, I quickly came to realize I had never felt as far from Hollywood as I did winding around those dusty, remote roads on my travels to and from the set.

Exclusive Stills from the Set of Madison County

Earlier this week Dread Central’s own Heather Wixson headed down to rural Arkansas to check out all the madness and mayhem on the set of the indie slasher flick Madison County. And while the official set visit report won’t be ready for a few weeks, we wanted to give you guys a chance to check out some of the bloody fun, direct from the set.

Madison County Teaser Trailer Now Live!

A little while back Dread Central reported on Robert Hall of Almost Human stepping on board to oversee the special makeup effects on the upcoming indie horror film Madison County. Well, it seems that in anticipation of principal photography beginning soon in Arkansas, the fine folks behind the project have released a teaser video to get fans ready for some carnage.

Exclusive Stills and Early Details on Madison County

Some of my favorite horror movies feature hot young people roaming into places they have no business going - like The Ruins, Friday the 13th, and Wrong Turn 2 to name just a few. Well, horror fiends, there's a new group of victims lining up in Madison County, an upcoming indie horror flick that is gearing up for production this September in Arkansas.