Lynn Lowry

The Haunting of Whaley House Starts Bumping in the Night with Some Casting News

A quick cast and crew update has come in for The Asylum's latest haunted house spooker, The Haunting of Whaley House, and as always we're here to serve up the goods on a platter for ya! Dig it!

Check Out the Trailer For I Spill Your Guts - Get Your Mops Ready! The Horror Comes in April!

Acid Bath Productions is proud to announce the release date for its upcoming film I Spill Your Guts, featuring a classic film star, a former ECW grappler, and a few musicians. Oh my! Look for the flick on April 1st!

New Torture Chamber Stills Bring the Pain

What would a holiday weekend be without a little mayhem, maiming and torture? Kind of dull methinks. That's why we've scored some new imagery along with a brand new synopsis for Dante Tomaselli's long awaited chiller Torture Chamber. Dig it!

New Torture Chamber Stills Will Have You All Burned Up

Some fresh stills from Dante Tomaselli's long awaited Torture Chamber have made their way online, and we're here to scoop 'em up and bring 'em to you while they're still piping hot out of the oven!

New Torture Chamber Stills and Update

Director Dante Tomaselli dropped us a line this morning with some new stills and a quick update on his long awaited flick Torture Chamber, and we have all the goods for you right here! Dig it!

Some New Eye Candy to Lure You Into the Torture Chamber

During this "Indie Horror Month" we're focusing on independent filmmakers and their upcoming projects, and one name that we've been keeping tabs on for quite some time now is Dante Tomaselli, who just released a new poster for Torture Chamber. Beware because this latest endeavor looks like his sickest yet! Synopsis:

Horror Comes From Next Door

Know what we can never have too many of? Ghost stories, that's what. Just like zombie flicks, these other dead things that go bump in the night are much beloved by horror hounds everywhere, and with good reason. When done right, they can be downright terrifying! There's a new one on the way that will hopefully make the cut ... Next Door.