Luke Goss

Luke Goss Suffers from Lost Time

Luke Goss, time displacement, and extraterrestrials... Sound interesting? Then you're gonna dig this latest tidbit of news coming at ya as all three are on tap for the new flick Lost Time. Read on for the trailer and details.

Danny Trejo and Luke Goss Join The Night Crew

It seems that Danny Trejo has no intentions of giving up his crown as the man with the most active projects on IMDb, as yet a brand new one has just been added to the mix. Read all about it, pendejo!

Danielle Harris Makes Image Entertainment Shiver

Yeah, she can make just about anyone get a case of the old spine tingles. Seriously, though, word has come that Image Entertainment has picked up US rights to Cyclone Productions' thriller Shiver, a movie that's been floating about for a couple of years now.

EFM 2013: Aspect Film Catches a Shiver in Berlin

Julian (The Last Horror Movie, Summer Scars) Richards' latest terror tale, Shiver, is on its way to the European Film Market, and we've got some new stills and more for you to dig on in the interim.

Death Race 3: Inferno (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring Luke Goss, Danny Trejo, Dougray Scott, Tanit Phoenix, Fred Koehler, Ving Rhames, Robin Shou Directed by Roel Reiné

Exclusive Video Interview: Luke Goss Talks Death Race 3: Inferno, Sequel Potential and More

Death Race 3: Inferno arrives on DVD and Blu-ray today courtesy of Universal Studios Home Entertainment, and to get you fiends out there pumped up, Dread Central recently caught up with the man behind the Frankenstein mask, Luke Goss.

Exclusive Video Interview: Danny Trejo Talks Getting Chicks, Badass Cars and More for Death Race 3: Inferno

One of our favorite actors around these parts is undoubtedly veteran character actor Danny Trejo, who has appeared in almost 250 projects during his illustrious 30-year career.

The Race Begins in this New Blu-ray/DVD Trailer for Death Race 3: Inferno

The new Death Race - Death Race 3: Inferno - starts in South Africa on January 22nd when Universal Studios Home Entertainment unleashes Roel Reiné's second direct-to-video sequel to the remake on Blu-ray and DVD, and they've released a new trailer to mark the occasion.

Shiver Wins Acting Award in Burbank; Now Heading to the UK's Raindance and Spain's Sitges Film Fests

We've been talking about Julian (The Last Horror Movie, Summer Scars) Richards' latest terror tale, Shiver, for a while now, but good things come to those who wait as it recently won a Best Actress award at one film fest and is now headed off to two others.

Val Kilmer, Ving Rhames, Luke Goss Ready to Go Seven Below on DVD

Val Kilmer and Luke Goss are amongst a group of strangers that seek refuge from a storm in a home owned by Ving Rhames, only to find themselves trapped in a supernatural time warp of terror. Get ready to go Seven Below when this supernatural chiller arrives on DVD in April.

AFM 2011: It's Vampires vs. Zombies in The Dead Undead

Okay then. And the award for worst title of AFM goes to ... The Dead Undead. We hope this moniker makes sense in the context of the flick because it doesn't make much sense otherwise. Read on for art and details.

Luke Goss vs. Monsters Inside

There's never a bad time to report on a new monster movie. There are few things on this planet we like more. Another one is on tap, this time coming from The Highland Film Group, and we've got the skinny for you right here!

Val Kilmer and Company to Send Chills of the Seven Below Variety

Shooting is set to begin in August for EFish Entertainment's newest film, the edge-of-your-seat shocker Seven Below. This tale of strangers trapped in an isolated house in the woods, experiencing the horror equivalent of Groundhog's Day, features Val Kilmer leading a trio of Hollywood studs and one sultry siren to round out the quartet!

A Trailer Debut to Make You Shiver

The trailer debut for Julian Richards' (The Last Horror Movie, Summer Scars) latest terror tale, Shiver, is here, but is it anything to lose your head over? Watch it now and decide for yourself!

Even More Goodies to Make You Shiver

Just a couple of days ago we brought you some stills and the latest artwork for Julian Richards' (The Last Horror Movie, Summer Scars) latest terror tale, Shiver. That was then. Right now we have another new one-sheet and even more stills!