Loup'Rah Garomore

Monsters Run Amok in New Trailer and Art for The Demon's Rook

After scooping up oodles of critical acclaim on the festival circuit, you'd be a fool to not be excited about James Sizemore's film The Demon's Rook. Though no official release date has been set, we've unearthed a gory new trailer and a slick piece of artwork for ya to sink your claws into!

Fantasia 2013: Devilish New Stills for The Demon's Rook

Playing as part of the 2013 Fantasia Film Festival (which runs July 18-August 6 in Montreal, Canada) is the new insane looking fear flick from James Sizemore entitled The Demon's Rook, and we have several new stills to share. Check 'em out!

Exclusive Not Safe for Work Artwork Premiere for The Demon's Rook

Some exclusive artwork for James Sizemore's indie film The Demon's Rook has come our way, and it's not safe for work, the kids, your parents, your parents' parents, or any and all Jehovah's Witnesses who may knock on your door. You've been warned.

The Demon's Rook Makes its Move with New Artwork and an Extended Trailer

Halloween may be over, but horror fans still have lots of treats in store in the upcoming months, and one of them is The Demon's Rook from James Sizemore, which just wrapped and is now debuting a new poster and extended trailer.

Official Trailer Now Online for Loup'Rah Garomore's The Demon's Rook

If you're going to make a monster movie, you'd better have a damn good monster to drive the thing. Loup'Rah Garomore is a man who can provide those monsters for you. Garomore is currently up to his elbows in a film he's written, directed, producing, stars in and done a ton of the effects for, entitled The Demon's Rook. Needless to say, this is a guy who can get things done.

First Look at The Demon's Rook Spreads the Red the Old Fashioned Way

We live in a cinema world in which we're inundated with bad looking CGI that rarely gets the job done in terms of realism. That's why when a flick comes along that decides to do the gory deed in the most practical way possible, it immediately has our attention and, in the case of The Demon's Rook, skyrockets to the top of our must-see list!