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Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson Preview The Secret Circle Episode 1.04 - Heather; Two New Clips Surface

Curious about how high the danger levels of where "The Secret Circle" is headed might reach? Then you'll want to check out this preview of tonight's Episode 1.04, "Heather", hosted by executive producers Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson. We also have two new clips from the ep along with a promo video that highlights what critics are saying about the show.

Image Gallery from The Secret Circle Episode 1.04 - Heather

"The Secret Circle" is proving to be a good fit with The CW's existing lineup, and in our opinion the show has improved each week. We're curious to see how Episode 1.04, "Heather", in which the teenage characters learn more about events in the past that affected their parents, stacks up to what we've seen so far.

A Preview of The Secret Circle Episode 1.04 - Heather

While we're warming up to The CW's new series "The Secret Circle", we're finding the adult storylines much more interesting than those involving the kids, which is why next week's episode, "Heather", is definitely on our radar. Check out the preview, which introduces someone from the kids' parents' Circle who was mentioned in last night's ep. Color us curious indeed!

A Clip from The Secret Circle Episode 1.03 - Loner

Just when we thought we weren't going to be graced with a clip from tonight's episode of "The Secret Circle", entitled "Loner", lo and behold The CW has released one after all. Watch as the members of the circle meet up at the abandoned house to manage a problem.

Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson Preview This Week's Episode of The Secret Circle - Loner

The powers-that-be at The CW didn't provide us with a clip from this week's episode of "The Secret Circle" as they usually do for all of their shows; instead we have a preview of "Loner" with executive producers Andrew Miller and Kevin Williamson discussing the ep and hinting at where the season might be going. We'll take it!

A "Loner" Comes to Town in The Secret Circle Episode 1.03

Things are slowly but surely moving forward on The CW's "The Secret Circle", and knowing how executive producer Kevin Williamson works, it's no surprise the show is already announcing that "The rules have changed" for next week's episode, entitled "Loner". Check out this new preview, and remember to always stand together or die alone!

Upcoming Episodes of The Secret Circle Introduce Us to a "Loner" and "Heather"

Just as with its sister show, "The Vampire Diaries", new CW series "The Secret Circle" has provided us with summaries of upcoming Episodes 3 and 4 entitled "Loner" and "Heather", respectively, the first of which takes place in one of our favorite settings - a high school dance! The latter looks to be a bit more serious. Check out the details, and be sure to tune in to the series premiere of "The Secret Circle" this Thursday, September 15th, at 9:00 pm.

The Secret Circle: Video Interview with Louis Hunter

As reported previously, "The Secret Circle" debuts on The CW on Thursday, September 15th, and to give you the inside scoop on Louis Hunter's character, Nick, and the world of "The Secret Circle", we have a video interview with the actor to share.

Two New Clips from The Secret Circle

We're just six short weeks away from the debut of "The Secret Circle" on The CW, and the network has released two news clips ("Water" and "Done") to help build some more buzz for its already highly anticipated new series. Catch the show's premiere on Thursday, September 15 at 9/8c!

Shhh ... It's Another Preview of The Secret Circle

Another preview video for The CW's hotly anticipated new show "The Secret Circle" has hit the Internet, and of course it's no secret we have it for you right here. Shhh ... don't know the Secret of the Circle? Find out in the series premiere on Thursday, September 15 at 9/8c!

A Half Dozen New Character Posters for The Secret Circle

Six new character posters for The CW's upcoming "The Secret Circle" have been revealed, and of course we have them for you right here. Check out Cassie, Faye, Adam, Diana, Melissa, and Nick showing off their powers.

Gale Harold Signs on for the Secret Circle Pilot

We're starting to need a scorecard to keep track of all the characters announced thus far in Kevin Williamson's new pilot for The CW, "Secret Circle". Today came word that a father figure has been added to the mix, who will be portrayed by Gale Harold.

The CW's Secret Circle Expands to Include Natasha Henstridge

What? You thought we were going to get through the day without some TV pilot casting news? Silly you! One more name has signed on to The CW's upcoming witchy show "Secret Circle", and we have to admit we're intrigued. One of the fairest of her "species", Natasha Henstridge, is joining Kevin Williamson's newest project.

Louis Hunter Joins the Secret Circle

Another bit of casting news has come our way for The CW's upcoming witchy little show "Secret Circle", and while we have no clue who he is, it's a good bet that the chicks will like him.