Loss of Life

Mance Media Experiences a Loss of Life

We've been sharing information about the found footage flick Loss of Life for a while now. Just in time for the holiday the film is centered around, official release details have finally headed our way. Read on for the info!

New Promo Posters and Release Date Info Lead to Loss of Life

As we inch ever closer to the release of the found footage flick Loss of Life, a new batch of goodies has just arrived in our inbox. Read on for the eye candy and more!

Release Plans Reveal a Loss of Life

We've been talking about the upcoming found footage flick Loss of Life for quite some time now, and the moment we can sink our claws into it is drawing ever so near. Look for the flick to open in North Hollywood, CA, on October 16th and then arrive on VOD and Amazon October 25th.

Second Trailer for Loss of Life Cannot Stop Filming

Trailer numero dos for the latest found footage flick to grace our screens, Loss of Life, has arrived; and it looks as if this flick's protagonists are in for one really bad night... THAT THEY CAN'T STOP FILMING!!!!!! Hang on; we need a couple more exclamation points: !!!!!!!!!!! There we go. That's better.

New Clips and Posters Showcase a Loss of Life

It's been a while since last we spoke about the latest found footage flick to grace our screen's Loss of Life but today we have a couple of new one-sheets and several clips for you to dig into! Check 'em out!

More Loss of Life Goodies Hack Their Way Online

Just yesterday we brought you a series of one-sheets for Loss of Life that show off some a nefarious masked killer going to town on some unsuspecting folks with cameras. Today we have even more!

Put on Your Happy Face for Loss of Life

"Whatever happens ... don't stop filming!" If when confronted by a life or death situation someone actually says those words to us, we're knocking them out with the camera and running like hell. Of course that would never happen in the movies though. Speaking of which...